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Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

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By signing up for our Alumni-Student Mentoring Program, you’ll get to choose your own mentor from our Pace alumni network, get an exclusive peek into the industry of your choice, and even hone your interviewing skills.

So many of our Pace graduates go on to do great things in jobs across countless industries. Through our Alumni-Student Mentoring Program, you’ll get the chance to speak to a Pace graduate of your choosing, who has a wealth of knowledge and many opportunities to share! Learn how your Pace education translates into the professional or graduate-level academic world. Through this program, you can obtain guidance through your life at Pace and toward your eventual career.

Working one-on-one, your mentor can help motivate you, boost your self-confidence, and key you in about internships and career opportunities. Mentorship at Pace can establish a partnership and network you draw on for life, and it’s flexible to suit your schedule. Here are just some of your options if you sign up:

  • >> Long-term mentoring: go in-depth and meet one-on-one throughout a semester over even a year-long term.

  • >> Flash mentoring: meet once to address a key issue, such as interview skills.

  • >> Fast mentoring: do a “mentoring-intensive” over a limited time period (30 days, for example). Get insight on careers or even shadow your mentor at their job for a day.

Interested? Sign up today! If you have any questions, please email the Mentoring team.