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The Client Relations Manager

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Kadija Shaw ’21, recently elected PLV President of SGA, has been hard at work as the client relations manager for Pace Connect. She’s leveraging her business savvy with her human resource management experience.

Recently elected Student Government Association President for the PLV Campus, Kadija Shaw ’21 has been quite busy since her arrival at Pace. She’s worked as the client relations manager for Pace Connect, the popular student-run business; a student assistant for Human Resources and Financial Aid; an ambassador for Career Services; as well as many other positions all across campus. “I wanted to get out of my comfort zone,” Shaw explained of her decision to attend Pace. “I grew up in Maryland, so I wanted a change in scenery and [to] be exposed to different types of people.”

That drive to meet and bring people together made the Lubin School of Business a perfect choice. “I chose business because I wanted something that was marketable and valuable,” Shaw explained of her major, having selected business management. The decision to concentrate in human resource management seemed a natural next step. “I enjoy building relationships with people and felt that going into this specific field [was] the best fit for me.”

Shaw’s extensive work experience from her numerous on-campus jobs has lent her unique insight into the inner-workings of the University. She understands Pace from almost all angles: as a student, and as a staff member in several different departments, working both on her studies as well as dedicating her time to ensuring our community thrives. Of all her previous positions, however, what ultimately left the most lasting impression upon Shaw was meeting and working with international students.

“You would be surprised how much we (as young adults) take for granted [as] citizens of our country,” Shaw told us. “They taught me to appreciate what I have and to be mindful that everyone has come from different parts of the world. That does not make a person any less significant.” She went on to explain that she’s also learned to give “one hundred and ten percent” in everything she pursues—and she’s brought those important lessons to her work throughout Pace.

As one of the many successful student-run businesses, Pace Connect is especially integral to our community structure on the PLV Campus. It’s a research and call center that’s been going strong since 2012, providing students with a means to literally “connect” with any Pace department they might need, and Shaw has her hands full as the client relations manager. “It is an absolute adventure,” she enthused. “It is basically like working for a startup company where you have to be open to doing more than just the job you were hired for.”

Shaw works directly with her peers as a team manager and oversees the services provided any would-be Setters who phone in for assistance. “Like the real world, you have to adjust to working with different personalities and build good communication skills,” she explained to us. And all that hard work is definitely paying off. “I have been using [this experience] as leverage in my interviews [for] internships,” she added.

In addition to her student jobs, internships, academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and social life, Shaw also launched an annual food drive called Kaytees Tables that provides much-needed support to children in South Africa, as well as important feedback to local representatives about what their residents need to alleviate hunger. Ask her about it! She welcomes anyone who expresses interest in getting involved.

Despite managing such an incredibly busy schedule, Shaw makes sure to pencil in time for a little R&R. “I love to golf,” she told us. “It is one of my favorite hobbies when there’s nice weather.” With warmer temperatures on the horizon, we’re excited to see where Shaw’s bright future leads her next.

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