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Communication Best Practices at Pace

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Confused about what logos and fonts to use for your department’s next initiative? Unsure if you’re adhering to Pace’s University-wide brand standards? University Relations is here to help!

As the central communications office for Pace, University Relations is the steward of the Pace University brand and is responsible for conveying a consistent and coherent image of the University and its values. As another academic year hits full swing, University Relations wishes to provide a helpful guide to faculty and staff to ensure that our messaging maintains the standard of excellence necessary for Pace to enable our University to reach new heights, both internally and externally.

The Pace Logo

It is important that each department and school use the appropriate Pace logo across all communications. Below are links to each logo, both for print and digital usage:

>> Logo downloads for print and web

University Style

Pace University adheres by the guidelines set forth by the Chicago Manual of Style. When drafting any written materials for digital communications, print flyers, or anything pertaining to the Pace Community, it is important to follow University style. The complete editorial style standards could be accessed via our style guide webpage (PDF), but some common ways to maintain consistency across all departments include:

  • >> Always include the serial comma (New York City, Pleasantville, and White Plains)
  • >> Times should be written as: 1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m.
  • >> When referring to Pace, University is always capitalized. When referring to the term in general, university is lowercased.

Email Best Practices

Email marketing continues to be one of the simplest and most effective methods of marketing. This one page guide will get you started on Pace University’s best practices for email marketing (PDF). First and foremost, we ask that you adhere to the University’s Brand Standards, which advise on written style, logo, and color usage. Here are some top tips to help you achieve your email goals:

  • >> Be responsive: Where possible, optimize your email marketing templates so that they are mobile optimized, responsive, and work well across devices. Not sure how to create a responsive email? Try using an email marketing platform like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or SendGrid.
  • >> Less is best: One of the hallmarks of effective communication is the ability to communicate succinctly—or rather: don’t use 25 words where 10 will do.
  • >> Link to the website: Don’t copy and paste content that is easily accessible on Just link out! It’s easier, it’s trackable, and it makes your email less cluttered and clunky.

Web Style

While faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to publish freely, it is important that the information about Pace University is conveyed accurately and consistently with other University communications. Access our web style guide (PDF) to familiarize yourself with best practices regarding our brand standards, particularly pertaining to images, colors, and fonts.

Powerpoint Templates

Putting together a Powerpoint presentation? You can access our Powerpoint templates (under the “Presentation Style” header on our Brand Standards webpage) to ensure that your presentation is put in the best possible position to succeed.

Social Media

Our social media brand guidelines (PDF) can help you understand which social media platform is best for the type of content you are hoping to promote, and provide tips as to ideal posting frequency, language, and ways to expertly get your message across while maintain the proper standards of excellence and professionalism required by the University.

UR News

Have an event you’d like to promote, or notify the University at large in order to spread the word about an upcoming announcement or development? Please email the UR team.

For more information about best practices at Pace, please be sure to visit the University Relations webpage. For a complete summation of brand standards at Pace University, be sure to access our comprehensive brand standards guide (PDF).