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The Corporate Athlete

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Basketball star and finance major Peyton Wejnert ’20 boasts the best of both worlds: he’s competitive on and off the court, securing a coveted position at PwC for the fall. His secret? “Mental toughness.”

You could say basketball is in the blood for Peyton Wejnert ’20. He hails from a family of all-stars: his father was a McDonald’s All American, and his sister was named the New Jersey Gatorade Player of the Year. Not only that, but his father, brother, and sister all received full scholarships to play basketball in college. “My passion for the sport stems from the countless memories I have [of] basketball in terms of friends and family being part of it,” Wejnert told us. “It was both something that fulfilled my competitive spirit and [motivated] me to receive a full scholarship to a school I love.”

The Lubin School of Business was ultimately where he set his sights, deciding to pursue a major in finance like his father before him. “I have always been strong in mathematics and modeling, and finance is a degree that can be used broadly in the workforce—much like accounting,” Wejnert explained. “I also have [an] interest in investing and understanding the markets, so finance seemed to offer a little bit of everything for me.”

In addition to being part of the Pforzheimer Honors College, which is no small feat given his busy Athletics training schedule, Wejnert has a few tricks up his sleeve to stay focused. He utilizes “a mix of communication, business skills, and leadership” when joining any team both on and off the court, and he’s built what he calls “mental toughness,” which he’s honed over several years. 

“Being successful is hard,” he told us. “[And] I think a lot of people fall short of their potential because they don’t have the right approach and mental fortitude. If you say you want success, then you have to be headstrong and face challenges with enthusiasm. Don’t find reasons for why you can’t—just focus on how you will.”

That’s the kind of drive that landed Wejnert a coveted internship at Morgan Stanley working as one of their summer analysts. There, he noticed something very interesting: the secret to success at such a large company, and an even larger, competitive industry. “The people that actually had interest in their respective positions [at Morgan Stanley] seemed to be far happier and more energetic than those who seemed to simply tolerate their roles,” he wisely noted. “It reassure[d] me that financial compensation really isn’t everything when it comes to working. If you like your coworkers, find interest in the material, and have strong compassionate leaders, the money will not be what keeps you at a company.”

He’s also interned at PM Business Advisors consulting and analyzing for companies all over the world, and on the global stage, it can be difficult keeping one’s cool. Business is always rapidly redefining itself, and Wejnert brings a unique perspective as a student-athlete: he’s not only ready for the challenge, he relishes it.

Still, he isn’t all business. Wejnert has a number of interests outside the world of corporate America and competitive basketball. “A lot of people don’t really know I can be a massive nerd,” he told us. “I love Star Wars and still watch classic cartoons like Ed Edd n’ Eddy and Adventure Time. I even went as Goku from Dragon Ball Z for Halloween this year. My mom calls me a child in a man’s body, which is pretty funny to me. But hey, don’t judge a book by its cover, right?”

No judgment here! We’re excited to note that Wejnert will be starting a full-time position as an associate at PwC in the fall, and we can’t wait to hear more about where his journey will take him—from basketball courts to board meetings, and everything in-between.

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