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Counseling Center Remote Services

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Every semester, the Counseling Center offers a variety of therapy groups for students who might be looking for confidential understanding and support. Please reach out! You don’t have to face your struggles alone.

The Counseling Center offers several groups addressing a variety of topics led by therapists in a confidential setting. All of the groups require a pre-group meeting with a therapist. Please see below for a sample of what is available to you right now. And if you have questions about which group might be best for you, please contact:

If you are in crisis or need immediate assistance, visit the Counseling Center contact page for information about how to reach the counselor-on-call and other emergency services.

NYC Campus Groups

Understanding Self and Others

  • >> Do you want to understand yourself better?
  • >> Do you struggle making or keeping friends?
  • >> Do you wonder how people view you?

Stress Management

  • >> Is stress affecting your ability to get things done?
  • >> Are your coping strategies no longer working?
  • >> Do you wish you could handle stress better?

Grief and Loss

  • >> Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one?
  • >> Do you want to cope, process, heal, and connect with others who have had similar experiences?

PLV Campus Groups


This is a free, weekly confidential discussion and support group facilitated by members of the Counseling Services staff for students who are trying to take a look at their use of alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs. Based on a harm reduction model, the group is a safe space for students to talk about their relationship with these substances in order to consider some strategies for change and provide support for other students, including those in recovery.

Please email Andrea Winters or call at (914) 773-3710 to learn more about the Harmless group.

Understanding Self and Others

Are you curious about your relationships with others (including family, friends, and partners) and with yourself? This group explores themes related to identity, relationships, emotional communication, and self-perception. The group provides an environment in which members can practice new ways of expressing themselves as well as share support, encouragement, and feedback in a confidential context.

Please email Amanda Michael or call at (914) 773-3710 to learn more about the Understanding Self and Others group.