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The Criminal Attorney

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Precious Hose ’20 is a first-gen student who’s passionate about a lot of things at Pace: her on-campus work (like at the Environmental Center!), criminal justice, and inspiring the next class to dream big and get involved.

Precious Hose ’20 is all about campus involvement. She’s a student assistant at the Environmental Center (who got to introduce President Krislov to the animals on an exclusive tour), peer educator for Pace FIRE (Fighting Ignorance, Racism, and Rape Through Education), peer leader for UNV 101, student representative for the Middle States Accreditation Study, and much more. With all those titles under her belt, you’d think Hose had her sights set on Pace from the get-go. That wasn’t the case.

“Even though Pace wasn’t my first choice, it became one of the most important choices I’ve made,” Hose said, describing how she was initially drawn by the Criminal Justice program and ideal location of the PLV Campus: a small town feel close to major cities. It was the Pace Community, however, that really solidified the decision for her. “[Everyone] is so welcoming and the diversity of our student body made me feel unique, but connected. There’s always an event happening on campus and I love that the faculty and staff always have their office doors open.”

It was her major (you guessed it: criminal justice) that Hose already felt very strongly about. “I was always fascinated by crime from a young age,” she told us. “I believe [everyone] has rights even if a person commits a criminal act. Most people don’t commit an act of crime because they have a desire to do so.” Wise words. She hopes to one day become an attorney specializing in criminal law.

Several of the faculty members in the Criminal Justice Department have since left a huge impact on her; namely, Professor Robert Matarazzo, Associate Professor Margaret Fitzgerald, and Lecturer Maryellen Martirano. “Their lectures are not really lectures,” Hose explained. “They engage the students by turning the lesson plan into a life lesson for us to think beyond what was taught in class. One day, I hope I can lead by example as they do for me.”

Hose is certainly leading by example for her peers. She’s taken advantage of almost every leadership opportunity at Pace since she arrived. From Orientation Leader to Pace FIRE educator to president of the Freshman Honor Society to senator for the Criminal Justice Society, the list goes on! What motivates her to get so involved on campus? Hose answered with a question of her own. “There are so many people that have helped me get to where I am today. Why not pay it forward and help other students like the first-year version of me find their way around Pace?”

Why not indeed.

She had a chance to do just that when she addressed the incoming class of 2021 last year. Hose was chosen as the student speaker for Convocation. “To me, speaking in front of over a thousand people felt like an honor,” Hose said, who shared her story with all of them in hopes of inspiring her audience. “I have a lot of weight on my back as a first-generation student,” she continued, explaining how it was challenging to adapt to an entirely new culture and environment in New York. “[But] I found amazing friends, got involved on and off-campus, and valued the support my professors gave me.”

In her free time, Hose expresses her creativity by making jewelry and—get this—actual stained-glass lamps. Talk about art deco! She also collects shells at the beach. Sounds like a great way to unwind after a long day for this soon-to-be criminal attorney. We can’t wait to see where Hose goes next!

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