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Crowdfunding for Success

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Help a documentary filmmaking class get to Cuba, send 12 student researchers to a science conference in Springfield, or help students land internships at organizations with a social mission. The choice is yours!

Pace students, faculty, and staff have great ideas that can improve the world, but they need your help to make them a reality. Pace Crowdfunding is a platform that allows any and all gifts to have a major impact. Your support fuels the ideas that improve communities and inspire innovation. From now until Tuesday, March 1, the Pace Community can contribute directly to three meaningful projects that need assistance getting off the ground:

  • >> Cuba: The Documentary: Pace students will travel to Cuba this March to create a documentary focused on the environmental impact of the island nation opening up to American tourism. The sixth in Pace University’s groundbreaking series of environmental documentaries will focus on Cuba, as this island nation, 90 miles and a world away from Florida, opens to American tourism.
  • >> Science Undergraduate Research Team: An undergraduate research team of 12 students at Pace University need help presenting their work at the 70th annual Eastern Colleges Science Conference in Springfield, Massachusetts, that takes place in April. The team's focus in research is on the analysis of small molecules and biomolecules using instrument-based analytical methods.
  • >> Nonprofit Internship Program: Each summer, the Helene and Grant Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship funds Pace students to intern at nonprofits and other organizations that create meaningful change in communities around the globe. Of the top 25 employers in NYC, 18 are nonprofits or government agencies; a large and relevant sector to consider for employment and careers. The Wilson Center's Funded Internship Program launched in 2009 and is designed to support Pace students interested in careers with a social mission.

Together we can help Pace students achieve their goals.