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Dawg Days

News Story

It’s Setters Week on the PLV Campus! SGA wants you to suit up for the chance to win cool prizes—all starting on December 6.

The Student Government Association will be tabling this week, and you’re invited to stop by! They’re offering fun activities and free prizes to anyone wearing the theme of the day. Check out each one below, and be sure to use #DawgDays2017 and tag SGA on Instagram with pics of your outfits.

Character Day
Wednesday, December 6
Time to break out that Legolas costume! Students and faculty are encouraged to dress up as notable characters from popular media. Have a fave from a book, movie, or Netflix show? Now’s your chance to show them off!

Decade Day
Thursday, December 7
Students and faculty are assigned a decade to deck themselves out to. Seniors will be rocking out to the ’80s, juniors will be down to disco in the ’70s, sophomores will be repping the flower power from the ’60s, and freshmen will be crooning to the ’50s. Faculty are assigned the ’90s. Talk to the hand!

Pace Pride Day
Friday, December 8
Pace paraphernalia is the name of the game! It’s time to rep your favorite blue and gold that even T-Bone would be envious of.

Twin Day
Monday, December 11
Attention all students: dress like your friends! The more people you match, the more fun it’ll be.

PJs Day (and Midnight Breakfast!)
Tuesday, December 12
Roll out of bed in the morning and keep that flannel on, because it’s officially pajama day! Don’t miss your chance to grab some late-night pancakes at the Midnight Breakfast, too.