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The Designer-of-All-Trades

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Kappa Delta sister Alyssa Trimm ’20 specializes in a variety of areas. From film to English writing and literature to extensive experience in design, she’s ready for any challenge—and she’s also a huge Jeopardy fan.

Alyssa Trimm ’20 has taken advantage of all the opportunities available to her at Pace. Not only did she double major, but she’s also an active and enthusiastic Kappa Delta sorority sister as well as an integral part of the University Relations (UR) team as one of their designers. But then, picking up a variety of skills has always come naturally to Trimm. It’s just how she is.

Early on, Trimm knew she would one day pursue a degree in Film and Screen Studies at the college level. “When I was in high school, I always heard people say that you should study what you love. At that point, the one thing I really loved was watching TV,” she told us. “I decided to double major in English because I saw how well the two departments worked together and how passionate the English professors were about their subject.”

And Trimm didn’t waste time finding her niche. She was recruited to Kappa Delta in her first year at Pace, quickly becoming involved in the Panhellenic Council and adding numerous leadership positions including one on their executive board. “I had gone to an all-girls high school and missed that sense of camaraderie when I came to college,” she told us. “Kappa Delta is my home away from home at Pace, and it has given me so many opportunities. I even had the chance to visit Dallas last summer for our national convention.”

On top of juggling her volunteer efforts in Greek Life as well as numerous class assignments, Trimm also applied for a work study job. It was her clear passion and skill that landed her a position on the design team in the UR department, an office responsible for all University-wide communications at Pace both internally and externally. “I was taking a digital design class at the time and I was excited that the job I found fit in with what I was studying in school,” she explained. She’s worked with UR for the past three years, and her efforts have left an indelible mark on the team ever since. 

“I’ve always said that I lucked out by spending the last three years in UR,” Trimm told us. “It’s given me real office experience and allowed me to actually use the Adobe Suite on a daily basis, which I find a useful skill in any field.” Just another skill to add to her resume that’s in high demand in most industries today. No biggie! (It’s a big deal, actually, and everyone at UR is very proud of Trimm’s work.)

That drive to always be learning more led Trimm to study abroad in Paris. It was a transformative experience, she says, and one that was both challenging and rewarding. “Studying abroad in a country where I barely speak the language forced me to become really independent and resourceful,” Trimm said. “Overall, the experience taught me that I am capable of living far from home and making my own way in a place where I don’t know anyone. [It] opened up my options for post-grad, as I’m now a lot more comfortable moving away from home.”

With her skill, resourcefulness, passion, and many, many talents, Trimm is set to embark on a bright future—one that will surely take her to a variety of industries and opportunities. But did you know she’s also an avid trivia fan? “I’m deeply obsessed with Jeopardy,” Trimm told us. “I try to catch every episode. By this point I can normally answer like half the questions.” That’s some major skill right there!

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