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As the academic year comes to an end, President Krislov reflects on the many accomplishments of the Pace Community, discusses the launch of his new Pace podcast, and looks ahead to his second year as our new President.

We’ve reached the end of the school year.

For me, it’s a big one—I won’t be a first-year anymore. For some of you, it’s a really big one—you’re graduating and getting ready to move out into the world. But for everyone, it’s important. Completing a year of higher education is an accomplishment, and summer is a well-earned time to explore further, whether that’s on a research project, in an internship, at a summer job, or even by traveling.

We talk a lot about the opportunities we create here at Pace, but as we end the school year, I also want all of us to be thinking about the communities we build here, too.

One of the things I’ve been impressed by as I’ve gotten to know Pace this year is the many wonderful communities that exist within the University. Over just the last few weeks, I went to our first Dyson Science Day and then to Undergraduate Research Day, which both showcased the breakthrough research Pace scientists are doing. I went one night to the Setter Leadership Awards, which recognizes our impressive student leaders, and another night to the Athletics Hall of Fame reception in Westchester, recognizing the traditions and accomplishments of our student athletes. I met one night with a group of first-year students who are commuters, and the next morning, I was having breakfast with students who are veterans. Last month, I recorded my new podcast in Pleasantville, and I talked to the students and faculty who worked on the documentary about what’s going on in Puerto Rico, called Hope in the Dark. And of course those are just a few of the communities here.

As you prepare to scatter for the summer, or in the case of seniors for even longer, I want all of you take the time to reflect on the communities you’re a part of and how they’ve helped shape your time at Pace. I hope that you commit to one another that you’ll stay in touch, in whatever way, over the summer and over the long haul. And I hope that you’ll stay connected to the larger Pace Community, too. You’re all part of the Pace family, and that means something. I’ve been out and about this year, meeting so many of you, and I want you to stay in touch, with me and with Pace. Keep us apprised of what you’re doing. Let us know about your successes. You can always reach me by email, and our social media people—who are much younger than I am and therefore better at it—are always looking out for Instagram and Twitter posts tagged #PaceU.

Have a wonderful summer. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.


President Marvin Krislov