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Nate Shectman ’23 has many talents. From advertising to marketing to film to graphic design, he’s combining all his interests in unique ways in hopes of one day working for an ad agency. But did you know he comes from a family of actors?

Nate Shectman ’23 is always creating. With a mind for business, an eye for advertising, and a heart in the performing arts, finding a college wasn’t exactly easy at first. But Pace would come to be a natural fit. “I had always wanted to go to school in New York City,” he told us. From there, he worked to identify a program that would suit all his interests, which ultimately led him here. “I knew Pace was great for business. So I figured what is the best way to combine both the aspects of performance and business?”

That led Shectman to double major in advertising and integrated marketing communications as well as film and screen studies: a perfect partnership of his many interests. “My passion is and always has been creativity,” he explained, and he’s had his eye on a career working in an ad agency to further his love of creating content.

It was during his time in quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak that he discovered his newfound interest in film, though, and he began to shift his focus to video—and ultimately, add a minor in graphic design to his already packed schedule. Talk about ambition! “I’ll need to understand how to digitally create all different mediums of content,” Shectman explained. Some of his newfound interests in this area include video production and editing, graphic design, digital art, and photo editing. He’s clearly always thinking ahead when it comes to his career goals and how that ties in with his current coursework at Pace. It’s the true mark of a content creator. They find inspiration everywhere!

He brings that same passion and ingenuity to all the leadership roles he’s held on the NYC Campus, too. Shectman has been an Orientation Leader and served on Hall Council for Residential Life, two positions he was inspired to pursue as early as his first year here. “When I came to my Pace Orientation, it got me very excited about coming to the school,” Shectman said. “I told myself when working in [those] positions that my goal was to leave a positive impact on at least one kid coming to the University.” And he most certainly has! He joined the Pace Comedy Live improv team,

For all that he’s busy with the rigorous academic work that comes with two majors and a minor, not to mention his job responsibilities, Shectman still finds time to also pursue acting. He’s even appeared in an independent film—one he and the others who worked on it hope to see added to Amazon Prime by December 2020. (We wish them luck!)

“It’s quite literally in my blood,” he explained. “Both my parents were actors and they met acting, as did my grandparents.” No wonder he seems to be bursting at the seams to create new and exciting content. “The ability to [inspire] people to feel any sort of emotion via acting brings me so much joy.”

Shectman has a bright future ahead of him, and one we are confident he will be creating new and exciting content in one way, shape, or form. What’s currently inspiring him now, though? “Most people know already, but I really love Spiderman,” he told us.

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