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At first, Infiniti Bowie ’19 wanted to be an actress, and almost attended the same program as Anne Hathaway. But her journey to PR and, ultimately, landing an internship on The Dr. Oz Show, is a story that resonates with anyone who ever felt uncertain about their chosen career.

It’s difficult to imagine Infiniti Bowie ’19 as anything but confident. Her skills are undeniable: she’s been a dedicated member of the Pace Dance Team since her first year, acted in numerous plays and student films, published her writing in the likes of the VOX Art and Literary Journal and The Pace Chronicle, and even landed an impressive seven internships.

And yet, Bowie felt very uncertain before coming to Pace. “College can be a scary time for a lot of first-year students,” she confessed. “Even upperclassmen don’t know what they want to do when they get out of college—and I should know. I've been there.”

Originally, Bowie had her sights set on becoming an actress, and it seemed like all the signs were pointing toward that career. She was even accepted to two prestigious acting programs (one of which Anne Hathaway attended). “I thought for sure that this would be my chance to study at an acting school and then immediately get cast for big blockbusters,” she told us. Her parents, however, suggested that she consider attending a traditional four-year college just in case that career didn’t take off immediately. Bowie’s reaction? “I. Was. Devastated.”

It took some time to settle into her new major, which ended up being communications. “I was constantly afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to find a career in this field, and I wasn’t really sure if I even wanted to continue my education because I was just in such a dark place.” Bowie tried to stay positive by joining the Pace Dance Team and submitting her writing to VOX, but nothing stuck. That is, until she took Professor Jennifer Magas’ public relations class. “I fell in love with PR,” Bowie enthused. “I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life!”

Her passion and background in entertainment helped Bowie land several related internships. “Despite the reputation for being ‘the easy major,’ communications is such a broad field,” she explained. “Every single [industry] you go into requires you to have good communication skills—written and verbal. How do you think businesses get media coverage [so] people even know about your company? Marketing. Advertising. Public relations.”

Most recently, Bowie has been working as a publicity assistant on The Dr. Oz Show. “I think [the] most memorable moment was when Dr. Oz told me that he liked my name! It left such an impact because it really hit me that this is my job.”

In addition to her work off-campus, Bowie is also a features writer for The Pace Chronicle. “I think my favorite piece to write was ‘A Christmas Carol, Starring Pace,’” she told us. “It was about the differences between how we feel toward Christmas and gifts when we were children and how we feel about it now as young adults. It’s my favorite because I was able to be really creative—I wrote it in the view of the classic story A Christmas Carol, hence the title. I really had fun tapping into my creativity with that one.”

Her advice to aspiring journalists? “Don’t be afraid to push boundaries and think unconventionally. Be different, be bold, be daring, and always think outside the box. No one ever made history by being boring.” We look forward to seeing Bowie’s name in lights someday—on whatever type of marquee she chooses.

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