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ePortfolio Spring Fever

News Story

Does your ePortfolio have beauty and brains? Enter the 2014 ePortfolio Spring Contest to win a $100 Visa gift card and be featured at the showcase. Don’t have one? Get one.

Resume, schmesume. It’s time for you to put down the fancy paper, walk out of the Staples, and head back to your computer to get started on your ePortfolio. Why? Three words: Portable. Professional. Personal. Forget trying to cram in all of your work onto a tiny sheet of paper. It’s a digital world and we are digital boys and girls.

An online collection of all your work, ePortfolios showcase your accomplishments, give you the opportunity to creatively represent yourself and your education, and so much more. You can post your resume, files, images, videos, and blogs that show your success and progress as a student while enriching your learning, preparing you for your field of work, and sharpening your technological skills. You can also include extracurricular activities and student organizations you’re a part of, you can network with others, and people can even post letters of recommendation for you to show prospective employers. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re interested in showcasing your academic, professional, and personal achievements or are a little short on cash post-spring break, the ePortfolio Spring Contest is right around the corner and may be the answer!

The ePortfolio team is looking for creative, organized, accessible, portfolios that demonstrate personal, academic, and/or professional growth. The deadline is April 25 so get started on your ePortfolio today! Winners will receive a Visa gift card, a digital badge to display on LinkedIn, and will be recognized at the ePortfolio showcase ceremony.

To submit, login to and click the link titled “Enter the 2014 ePortfolio Spring Contest” on your ePortfolio Dashboard. After you answer three quick questions, you can click submit!

If you need help getting started, make an appointment with an ePortfolio student “eTern” by e-mailing