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Fact-Checking Workshop

News Story

Build the skills necessary to identify fake news with Pace Library’s free fact-checking workshop! This 15-minute session will help you learn how to assess the credibility of online articles and boost your digital confidence.

Brought to you by Instructional Services Librarians Sam Kim and Jessica Kiebler, Pace Library’s newest workshop is an important resource for anyone looking to ensure the validity of online information. Whether you’re writing a paper and need sources or you’re just scrolling through your Twitter feed, it’s essential to be able to identify and weed out fake news before you hit that share button—and not everything is completely false. Sometimes, data is skewed, or people are misquoted, and it’s up to you to know what to look for.

There are actually four types of fake news:

  • >> Completely false and/or misleading (usually seen on social media)

  • >> Moderately misleading (inaccurate or skewed data)

  • >> Barely misleading (clickbait and/or misleading titles)

  • >> Intentionally misleading (satire)

For further details, check out their quick YouTube video! It’s chock-full of useful strategies and ways you can practice your fact-checking skills. You’ll be an expert in no time. Be sure to also take advantage of the Pace Libraries’ digital services while we’re social distancing, too. They’re standing by to help with all your research and study needs!