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Faculty Success Stories: October 2019

News Story

Two Seidenberg professors are doing serious work with serious grant funding! Plus, Pace’s latest documentary film continues to rake in the accolades.

Seidenberg Assistant Professor of Computer Science Jun Yuan, PhD, was awarded a grant from $856,790 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for her research project entitled ABR: CSR: Medium: Collaborative Research: FTFS: A Read/Write Optimized Fractal Tree File System.” Yuan will be collaborating with SUNY Stony Brook for this project, and the award runs from October 2019 to September 2021. 

Seidenberg Professor and Director of the PhD program in Computer Science D. Paul Benjamin, PhD, was awarded a $185,813 grant from the Office of Naval Research. The grant, for the project “A Humanoid Robot for Investigating Spatial Understanding in Human-Robot Collaboration,” is intended to purchase a customized humanoid robot as well as some other robots, VR equipment, and computers, to expand the breadth of robotics research at Pace. 

Dyson Professor Maria Luskay, EdD, and her students were awarded Best Student Documentary Short Film for their film Hawaii: Living on the Edge of Paradise at the 2019 Williamsburg film Festival. 

“I remember my father who worked for the city of Yonkers for over 25 years telling me that I should love what I do,” said Luskay, after being honored with ArtsWestchester’s Sophia Abeles Education Award earlier this year. “If I did, it wouldn’t be considered work at all. I am truly humbled by this honor bestowed upon me and I am grateful for each day that I spend with these rising filmmakers.”