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Fall 2020 Class Modalities

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Have questions about your Fall 2020 classes? Not sure what HyFlex means? Need a crash course on web-assisted details? We got you. Check out our handy guide on all the instructional modalities Pace is offering this upcoming semester.


Fully On-Campus

Description: A course with only traditional in-person, on-campus class meetings. Due to capacity restrictions and social distance requirements, enrollment in these fully on-campus courses will be limited.

What does this mean? You’ll be attending class in-person! Many subjects require face-to-face learning, so Pace is offering this option in order to best facilitate your needs. We will, of course, require all students and faculty to maintain social distancing and wear face coverings in the classroom so that we are all safe as we embark on this new semester.

Hyflex Class Modality


Description: A hybrid course delivered simultaneously in-person and remotely, so that students have the flexibility to choose either format for any class meeting, subject to classroom capacity restrictions. Here’s some more info about HyFlex tech.

What does this mean? We’ve set our faculty up with special “Zoom Rooms,” which means they will be in the classroom and teaching while simultaneously live-streaming the lecture to you at home. Because we want you to feel safe and comfortable, you get to choose whether you’re coming to the classroom or tuning in from your couch. Think Twitch streams. Reach out to your faculty members directly to get the deets on who should physically come to the classroom and when. They’ll help sort out the scheduling nitty-gritty.


Description: A course with some in-person, on-campus class meetings, and some online elements.

What does this mean? You might have to come to class in-person sometimes, but not all the time. When you aren’t physically in the classroom, you will be utilizing Blackboard and/or Zoom and completing your assignments online. Check with your professor about requirements and be sure to carefully review their syllabus. They will be able to better explain what your unique semester will look like!

Fully Online

Description: A course delivered fully remotely. It may be a synchronous course, in which students and faculty will meet live online on a set schedule, or it may be an asynchronous course, in which all coursework is available online and can be accessed at any time.​​ Some fully online courses may have synchronous and asynchronous components.

  • >> Asynchronous: Course is taught online with students participating at their own times. There will be assignments, quizzes/tests, projects and/or discussions that students have the flexibility to complete within a set period each week. 
  • >> Synchronous: Course is taught online in real time using Zoom. Students will be required to participate at set times from their own home/residence hall or remote location. 
  • >> Mixed: Course is taught using a combination of real-time Zoom sessions and self-paced or asynchronous activities.

What does this mean? You’ll be using mainly Blackboard for this class! Sometimes, your professor might upload a lecture or stream it live on Zoom, but they will be in touch with you to ensure you know when you need to be logged on or if you can complete assignments every week at your own pace. Just make sure you note the deadlines!

Do you have questions about your courses or instructional modalities? Reach out to your academic advisor and faculty directly! They’re here to help.