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Brennan Bodin ’19 and Madison Terry ’19, executives of Profashionals, recently caught the attention of tech giant Adobe. They got to host an AdobeLive event all about personal branding—but this dynamic duo didn’t always mesh.

Brennan Bodin ’19 and Madison Terry ’19 are the masterminds behind Profashionals, a student organization focused exclusively on providing knowledge, connections, and even job opportunities within the fashion industry to Pace students. As its president and vice president, respectively, they are tasked with not only hosting cool events and inviting high profile guests, but also handling a number of day-to-day tasks as well. It’s a heck of a job.

“[Running] any organization on campus requires an immense amount of work [and] many late nights, stressful days, and added responsibilities,” they told us. And they would know—Bodin and Terry have been at the helm of Profashionals since their first year at Pace. “We have seen the organization grow immensely, and [we’ve] been even luckier to help change the lives of some students.”

It’s clear that these two work well together. They’ve helped pull together annual events like Media Mavens and Dress for Success, and they’ve learned a lot from each other along the way. Surprisingly, these partners-in-fashion didn’t click at first. “Madison taught me that first impressions are not always correct,” Bodin said with a smile. “We initially did not like each other—and now we are practically inseparable. We both provide opposite points of view that further our ideas and expand our opportunities.”

Terry agreed. “It has been wonderful to learn from Brennan’s business education and confidence, as we have had a few situations that required special business savviness,” she told us. This was never more apparent than during their AdobeLive event where the two got the exclusive opportunity to host an hour-long segment teaching viewers how to build their own personal brand.

“We were very fortunate that Adobe reached out to us [after] seeing one of our Profashionals lectures on personal branding,” they said. It took quite a bit of work to update their materials for a wider audience, but they were up to the task. “Recognizing this was a wonderful publicity opportunity to showcase our work with Profashionals, we decided to redesign our existing logo, one of the most important factors of branding.”

So what’s the secret to their seamless partnership? “We value each other,” the two told us. “All of our decisions are made where we both hear each other’s points of view.”

For all their impressive successes, their reasons for coming to Pace differ. “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to move to NYC,” Bodin said. He chose to study international management after speaking to several current students, all who had completed a whopping seven internships thanks to the Pace Path. “I thought that studying in one of the most diverse cities in the US would be a perfect [way] to launch myself and my company onto the global stage.” That company—VYOU—is a museum-retail hybrid that gives consumers the chance to “power their purchase” for forces of change.

Terry, a communication studies major, was drawn to Pace for the non-traditional college experience the NYC Campus offered. “When touring, there were little details, such as the community, that really sold Pace to me,” she explained. “I was interested in the way that Pace places a large emphasis on vocational and academic education. I knew that learning both in and out of the classroom was what I wanted to do.” Terry is a graphic designer with her own website, having worked with a number of clients and has built an impressive portfolio.

We look forward to the bright future ahead for these two as they continue to blaze new paths through the fashion industry.

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