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YouTuber and fashion expert Roxana Saravia ’20 has been using her platform to inspire the next generation of Pace students. She also works on The Wendy Williams Show as a wardrobe intern. Talk about #influencer.

Roxana Saravia ’20—also known as “x0roxy” or just “Roxy” to her followers—always knew she wanted to attend college in New York City. Pace’s Lubin School of Business seemed a natural fit, especially since she’s been running her own personal brand for several years now. It’s no wonder she chose business management as a major. “I think management is so vital in any field you are in. If you can’t manage yourself, how can you manage others?” She said, going on to explain that, “I feel like I’ll be able to use what I learned in my business management courses [in] almost any field I go into.”

Saravia certainly has already. With a minor in fashion marketing, her skills in the industry are on full display over at her YouTube channel. One of her videos even inspired high schools to check out and ultimately apply to Pace. “It’s taken me some time to reach this level of confidence,” Saravia said, explaining that she was timid when she first launched her brand. “One of the biggest tips I can give someone else is to be confident in whatever you’re doing (even if you don’t know what you’re doing). Work as hard as you can because although you might not see growth right away, it will eventually pay off.”

Not only is Saravia adept at creating all kinds of digital content, having published a number of articles on The Odyssey in addition to her YouTube channel, she also makes a point to boost the work of other creators in several collab videos. “As someone who is always looking forward to the next project, it’s hard for me to take a step back and see how far I’ve come,” she explained.

That kind of motivation can be difficult to keep up for some people, but not for Saravia. “I feel like living in NYC is truly what motivates me,” she told us. “Every person I meet here is trying to accomplish their goals, and everyone is so driven. It’s a blessing and a curse; it definitely helps me stay motivated, but [it can] sometimes become overwhelming.”

Setting up lights, putting together a tripod, filming and editing videos—Saravia does it all and much more, which is something the team working on The Wendy Williams Show saw instantly. She’s a wardrobe intern now, an experience she calls “surreal.” In particular: “Attending the grand opening of the Daniel Wellington store in Rockefeller Center was definitely one of the best experiences of my life,” Saravia enthused. “So far, working at the show has been everything I’ve ever wanted.”

As for the future? Saravia is hoping to one day launch her own business venture. But in the short term, she’d like to pick up sailing lessons again—something not many people know she’s actually quite experienced in. “I took a sailing summer camp for two years and I miss it a lot,” Saravia told us. “I would definitely love to do it again sometime.” We’re sure she’ll continue to be at the helm of a successful brand, just as she is now.

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