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Films Before Finals (NYC)

News Story

Or shall we say movies before mayhem? Take a break from finals studying and step out of the Netflix zone as 24 film and screen studies students debut films on May 7 on the NYC Campus.

If you got locked out of the Tribeca Film Festival shorts program you were eyeing or have just finished binge-watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, hashbrown NBD. You’ve got the chance to see some student films for free before they become huge stars.

Stop by the Spring 2015 Student Film screening, featuring Film and Screen Studies students' 25 films, on Thursday, May 7, at 6:00 p.m. in the Schimmel Theater on the NYC Campus. The students—from first-year students to graduating seniors—wrote, produced, directed, and edited the films as part of their FSS 204: 16mm Film Production course, FSS 301: Filmmaking: Image and Sound course, and independent projects.

The student filmmakers and their films are as follows:

FSS 204: 16mm Film Production

Breonna Jackson                

Carlos Rojas                         
The Hat

Carlie Rice                           

Allison Hedemark              
The Beholders

Kelly Arnieri                        

Alex Brand                          
Musical Memories

Joe Reault                           
(Don’t) Touch Me

Dexter John Scott     

Michael Elliot
The Deal: Or (What A Girl Does for Drugs)

Jonathan Michael Baum               
Vantage Points and Ventriloquists F**k With My Eyes

Tom Milligan                       

Deanna Dellia                     

FSS 301: Filmmaking: Image and Sound

Caitlin Vanderpool            
I’m Not Superstitious

Max Macnew                                  
The Cactus of Canada

Sarah Lord                           
Chain Letter

Nanichi Aguado                  
Night Walker

Deanna Dellia                     
The Violence of Silence

Alex Carillo                          

Nicolette Norton               

Leonardo Abraham           
Wake Up

Avery Stray
The Queen’s Mirror


Film and Screen Studies Independent Projects

Amanda Pinedo
Through The Eyes of Another

Sarah Casey

Michael Rubin

Joshua Kennedy
Dracula A.D. 2015               

For more information, e-mail