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First Year, First Friend

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So you met someone on move-in day. Now what? From knowing everyone in your hometown to not knowing anyone at all, making new friends as a freshman in college can be tough.

Making New Friends As A Freshman


If you’re like me, you met maybe one or two people on move-in day who just so happened to be your roommates, but...that was it. So now you want to get out there and make new friends! However, it’s not always easy—in fact, it can be pretty awkward.

Hello again, Pace World! My name is Erin Schuessler ’21 and I’m a freshman on the NYC Campus majoring in Communication Studies. I’ll be writing columns, conducting interviews, and reporting on cool events.

Keep reading for tips (and motivational gifs) about making new friends, and keep your eye on the Pulse for more of my work!

1. The Introduction

Being the one to gather the courage to introduce yourself to someone new can be pretty hard. Learning how to deal with rejection? Even harder.

You’ll have to learn how to get comfortable talking about yourself, too—a lot—because no one knows you yet. But that will change soon!


2. The Conversation

You might not feel comfortable opening up to a complete stranger right away, and that’s okay! Start with small talk. It might get a little repetitive (you’ll be repeating yourself over and over again the more people you meet), but you’ll just get better with practice.

There might come a time when you meet someone who seems awesome, you exchange numbers, and then you never hear from them again, though. Ouch.

3. The Experience

In order to make new friends, you need to seek out new experiences. Sounds simple, right? Not always. Keep an eye on the Pulse for the latest events happening right on your campus and go to the ones that sound interesting!

The initial awkwardness will be worth it for that moment when you discover you have something—anything—in common with a prospective friend. Nothing beats realizing you just might end up with a brand new BFF. Best feeling!

4. The Bottom Line

In the end, we’re all in this together, and eventually, everything will fall into place. Remember: every freshman is facing the exact same thing you are. We’re nervous, we’re hopeful, and we’re all looking to meet new people.

And hey, if you need a break from all the social interaction? It’s okay to grab a nap instead of going to that party. We’ve all been there.