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First Year, First Hand

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Making the leap from high school to college can be tricky. In our newest monthly column "First Year, First Hand," you'll hear from Pace freshmen who are navigating college life, from getting involved to res life to prepping for finals. This month, Mira Ibrahim '19 shares her experience at Orientation.

Freshman Orientation
by Mira Ibrahim '19

Rainy morning, lots of sleepy heads, and awkward silence are some of the things I would use to describe the start of my Orientation at Pace University. I was already nervous about the upcoming two days: being in a place where I knew no one, where I would not see any familiar faces. Freshman Orientation was an occasion which marked a series of "firsts" for me. It would be the first day of my life as an undergraduate at a university I had chosen. It would also be the first time I got to meet and make friends with the people who would be part of my graduating class. Although I was nervous and anxious, I hoped for the best and kept an open mind.

I was assigned DeShawn's table, my Orientation leader being a loud and energetic junior who threatened to publicly embarrass anyone she saw use his or her phone. As I sat alone at my assigned table, more people began to come into the room and join me. I met so many wonderful students, and we all conversed about things such as our majors, future careers, backgrounds, fears, and college expectations. In the middle of it all, however, I was suddenly told that I had been assigned the incorrect Orientation group, and that my correct Orientation leader was a tall, spontaneous, and humorous junior named Dante. As I joined my new Honors group, I realized that everyone was so welcoming and nice to me. I got to meet another group of individuals that I would soon call my friends. Having met so many wonderful individuals, all my nervousness became evanescent and I began to look forward to the rest of Orientation.

Orientation was an absolute blast! Everything was well-organized, loud, and energetic, and everyone was so welcoming and made me feel at home. The numerous presentations gave me the opportunity to learn more about Pace, as well as the clubs, organizations, and benefits that are offered to its attending students. The boat cruise, which was held after the fun dance competition, a beautifully executed skit, and delicious ice cream social, was also amazing. Although I walked in my open sandals in the pouring rain to get to the boat, once inside I got to have a great time full of dancing and sightseeing.

At Pace University, I hope to build indestructible bonds, get involved by joining various clubs and organizations, and achieve academic success through a myriad of challenging courses. By attending Pace's freshman Orientation, I got the chance to receive my fall semester schedule, meet my advisor and mentor, make several friends, and have loads of fun. Although I have fears as I embark on my journey in college, I have realized that, at Pace, there is help at every corner. My experiences at the Pace Orientation assured me that I have nothing to fear as I enter the fall semester, but that I instead have much to look forward to!