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Fit to Print: April 2021

News Story

Pace professors are going big this month when it comes to media mentions; talking COVID-19 recovery, the Biden administration, and much more.

"Higher education has long been one of this country’s great exports. Our colleges and universities are the envy of the world, and for many years—and especially recently, as the global middle class has grown—aspirational students from all corners of the globe have come to the United States to earn a college degree."

—Pace President Marvin Krislov published a column in Forbes titled "International Students are Coming Back to the US—and We Can't Wait to Welcome them Back." He was also featured in the New York Times for his response to an article titled "Robots are Coming for Phil in Accounting."

"There is a large body of research evidence documenting the negative effects of chronic stressors on disease incidence, morbidity, and mortality. Stressors can also lead to shifts in immunologic functioning and stress-related hormones that can have health implications."

—Dyson Associate Professor Sally Dickerson, PhD, quoted in a WalletHub article titled 2021's Most and Least Stressed States

This fall, New Yorkers will be asked to vote on whether the New York State Constitution should be amended to recognize a “a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment.” I suspect that, for many, this will cause a bit of head scratching. You mean we don’t already have a right clean air and water?

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Katrina Kuh, JD, published an op-ed in New York Law Journal titled "Why Do We Need the Green Amendment?"

"The data I received, which until now has not been made public, is disturbing. 58% of New York City prisoners are sent to serve their sentences in prisons located more than 200 miles from their loved ones and their communities."

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Michael Mushlin, JD, published an op-ed in titled "Banishment New York Style."

Pace University Director of Emergency Management and Environmental Health and Safety Brian Anderson was featured in a News12 video segment regarding the vaccine and universities. 

"In spite of the recent good news, COVID-19 is very much alive and well, both in and outside of the United States."

—Lubin Professor Andrew Coggins, PhD, was featured in an Outside How article focused on ways to mitigate the continued spread of COVID-19. He was also featured in a Washington Post article about the cruise industry post-pandemic. 

"There's also a pride … a feeling that this is a way that we can assert ourselves as a state and say, ‘We know at the end of these 12 years, this is what our students can do’.”

—School of Education Professor Christine Clayton, EdD, quoted in a Journal News article titled "After COVID-19, What Will Happen to the Regents Exams?"

"In terms of nutrition, the vegetable, with its vitamins, minerals, and fiber far outweigh the candy, which is basically just sugar and chemicals."

—College of Health Professions Director of Nutrition and Dietetics Christen Cooper, EdD, was quoted in an MSN article titled "Dieting and Still Not Losing Weight? This Could Be Why.

"In his 29-page decision filed last week, Judge Zayas meticulously documented how the two prosecutors, Charles Testagrossa, then Chief of the Major Crimes Bureau and Brad Leventhal, currently Chief of the Homicide Bureau, abdicated their constitutional and ethical duties and denied the defendants a fair trial."

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Bennett Gershman, JD, published an op-ed in New York Law Journal titled "'Mindboggling' Misconduct by Queens Prosecutors."

"Allegedly, both attacks have been committed by state-sponsored actors, with the goal of collecting intelligence. There has been an increase in the number of state-sponsored attacks, and the trend will continue into the future,"

—Seidenberg Clinical Professor Andrea Cotoranu was quoted in a Gov Info Security article titled "Exchange Hacks: How Will the Biden Administration Respond?"