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Fit To Print: December 2019

News Story

Professors are closing out 2019 with some impressive media mentions, covering everything from the impeachment inquiry, to healthy holiday habits, to dating expertise.

“We know that the best learning happens when students can actually do the things they’re studying, and we know that we give our graduates the training they’ll need for a great first job that starts them on a great career.”

—Pace President Marvin Krislov, who published an article in Forbes titled “Tackling The College Confidence Gap With Generation-Z.”

“We’re able to form a community while we’re here, and the women really see the dogs as part of that community.”

—Dyson Associate Professor Kimberly Collica-Cox, PhD, who was featured in the Daily News regarding her innovative Parenting, Prisons, and Pups program.

Pace Performing Arts Professor or Music Lee Evans, EdD, published an article titled “As Easy As ABA: Understanding Sonata Allegro Form,” in Making Music Magazine. He also published an intermediate/upper-intermediate level book titled Jazz Baroque: Vivaldi/Bach and a book titled A Razzle Dazzle Christmas. Both are available only in an interactive digital format in SuperScore Music on the iPad.

“The appeal is simple, and the financial benefits attract more customers.”

—Lubin Clinical Professor Paul Kurnit who was featured in Wallet Hub’s “Ask the Expert” series.

“The deeper processing that helps people really come to terms with their pain and understand themselves through it—that’s hard for that to happen in that space.”

—Dyson Associate Professor Leora Trub, PhD, who was quoted in a Mic article about “Sad Culture” online.

“We’ve done investigations based on a lot less than what we’ve heard already.”

—Distinguished Fellow in Criminal Justice Mimi Rocah, JD, who was quoted in a Politico article about federal probe into team Trump during an election year. She was also quoted in Law and Crime, and Washington Examiner.

Lubin Professor Susanna Cahn, PhD, presented “Business. Ethics. Inevitable Dilemmas of Multicriteria Decisions” at the International Information Management Association (IIMA) Annual Conference at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY. 

“Just because candy canes, chocolates, cookies, and holiday fare line almost every aisle of every store this time of year doesn’t mean you need to buy and consume these products.”

—CHP Director of Nutrition and Dietetics Christen Cooper, EdD, was quoted in a U.S. News and World Report article titled “9 Healthy Holiday Snacks.”

“I do not think it is yet iconic enough to successfully execute this new identity, but over time, they will learn if it was a mistake.”

—Lubin Professor Larry Chiagouris, PhD, was quoted in a Stock Daily Dish article about changes to MasterCard’s logo.

“First, when two strangers who have met on an app are trying to get to know one another, just having a conversation can put a lot of stress on the acquaintanceship process. Therefore, centering the date around a social activity can act as a buffer and alleviates the stress on both parties.”

—Assistant Professor Aditi Paul, PhD, was quoted in an NBC article about best cities for singles.

“What it does, it promotes transparency within the realm of policing.”

—Criminal Justice Adjunct Professor Darrin Porcher, PhD, was featured in an NY1 clip about NYPD’s body camera footage policy.

“John F. Kennedy worked to give Americans a hope and goals to make a better future, a better country and a better world.”

—Dyson Associate Professor Durahn Taylor, PhD, was featured in a News12 Westchester clip about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“If you’re putting a witness on the stand—whoever the witnesses, but particularly a police officer—and you have doubts about his credibility, doesn’t that raise a question of whether you’re prosecuting a guilty or an innocent person?”

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Bennett Gershman, JD, was quoted in a Voice of Detroit article about police officers and the legal system.

“Signing the pledge is the latest move by our law school to reduce waste and promote sustainability practices.”

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Dean Horace Anderson, JD, was quoted in a Maneater article about paper-waste reduction initiatives.

“The commission challenged them to NOT build a more-than-a-billion-dollar piece of infrastructure that rate-payers would be paying off for 40 years.”

—Pace Energy and Climate Center Deputy Director Thomas Bourgeois was quoted in a Gothamist article about the ongoing back-and-forth between Governor Cuomo and National Grid.

“There is a misconception among many scientists that if enough evidence is generated and put in the hands of policy-makers, the problem will be solved.”

—Dyson Assistant Professor Anne Toomey, PhD, was quoted in a Science Daily article about applying biodiversity conversation research in practice.

Lubin Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting, Steven Mezzio, CPA, PhD, recently coauthored an article with two representatives from PwC. The article is the featured cover story in the December 2019 Journal of Accountancy (JoA). It looks at the use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Technology, also referred to as “bots,” in the tax process. 

“It is possible that the IRS will choose to reorient the pilot program in some way based on the comments it gets from practitioners. The survey results will show whether practitioners are giving the ‘thumbs up or thumbs down’ to the new structure.”

—Lubin Professor Frank Colella, JD, LLM, CPA, was quoted in a Law360 article titled, "Attorneys Fear IRS Appeals Pilot will Prove Adversarial and Expensive."