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Fit to Print: February 2020

News Story

Pace Professors and staff are starting the year on the right foot, with a number of notable media mentions.

“But I’ve been reminded by the feedback we’ve received from our alumni that mentorship provides real value to those volunteering their time and wisdom, too.”

Pace President Marvin Krislov, in a Forbes column about the importance of mentoring. He was also quoted in a Hechinger Report article about affordability of higher education.

“The traditional voyeuristic peephole in film suggests the person being watched is under threat.”

Dyson Associate Professor Catherine Zimmer, PhD, quoted in a New York Times article titled “Who’s Watching Your Porch?

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured Elisabeth Haub School of Law Dean Horace Anderson, JD, in their “Transitions” column, following his permanent appointment as dean.

“Apple has historically assisted law enforcement, in possession of a warrant, with unlocking iPhones. Over time, that process changed whereby Apple would instead provide law enforcement with the evidence.”

Seidenberg Professor Darren Hayes, PhD, published an article in USA Today titled “Unlocking Apple iPhones needs congressional guidance on court warrants.”

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Bennett Gershman, JD, was quoted in a New York Times article about the Harvey Weinstein trial.

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Margot Pollans, JD, was promoted from associate professor to a full professor of law.

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Karl Coplan, JD, recently published a book titled Live Sustainably Now: A Low-Carbon Vision of the Good Life. The book received press from Hudson Valley One.

Seidenberg Professor James Lawler co-published an article in Autism Spectrum News titled “Learning Neurodiversity in a College Program for Middle / High School Students with ASD - Autism Spectrum News - Autism Spectrum News,” about ongoing work that Pace is conducting.

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor David Dorfman, JD, was featured on WAMC Radio to discuss recent criminal justice reform in New York State.

“The Constitution allows us to contradict any evidence that's brought against us. The same holds true for civil service law.”

Pace Adjunct Professor Darrin Porcher, PhD, quoted in PIX 11 in an article titled “NYPD cop convicted in racist attack still has job, prompting growing wave of criticism.”

Pace University Lacrosse Coach Tom Mariano was named President of the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association, a role which he will serve for a two year term. The appointment was reported in the Westchester County Business Journal.

“The research should be unbiased, but everything will be filtered through Achieve and Gates, for no apparent reason given their track record.”

School of Education Associate Professor Christine Clayton, EdD, quoted in an Evening Tribune article titled “Regents drop Achieve, Inc., from HS diploma review.”