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Fit to Print: February 2021

News Story

As 2021 kicks into full swing, Pace professors weigh in on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Capitol riot, and much more in this month's issue of Fit to Print.

"Music infiltrates the unconscious, stirs emotions, conjures images, and may stimulate forgotten memories."
—Dyson Associate Professor of Psychology Sheldon Siporin, PhD, published an article in the January 2021 issue of  Psychodynamic Practice titled "Melodies of the mind: moving from inkblots to digitized music as projective test and as adjunctive therapy."

"Social media was not created to deal with abusive rhetoric, let alone defeat the dark magic that leads to polarization, militancy, fanaticism. But the recent spate of bans carries the seed of social media’s reconstruction as a place for free speech."

—Dyson Professor Daniel Bender, PhD, published an op-ed in Hearst Connecticut Newspapers titled "Why social media bans restore free speech."

"Westchester County was home to the original hot spot of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States; so, it is entirely fitting that the county’s only law school, Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University (Haub Law), has responded by ramping up our programs in the fight against the virus."

—Pace Land Use Center Executive Director Jessica Bacher, JD, published in Westchester Lawyer Magazine titled "Haub Law's Response to COVID-19 (PDF)."

Dyson Adjunct Professor Darrin Porcher was featured in a Cheddar news segment titled Unprecedented 25K National Guard Troops Guard Biden Inauguration.  

“There is some evidence linking either chronic or short-term experiences of shame with inflammation.”

—Dyson Professor Sally Dickerson, PhD, quoted in Bustle in an article titled "The Guilt and Shame Pandemic." 

Low-cost insurance can simply mean an insurance company that doesn’t make it easy to file claims and also contests legitimate claims.

—Lubin Professor PV Viswanath featured in a Money Geek article titled Expert Advice: Steps to Find Cheap Auto Insurance.

"By saying that we'll accept their GRE scores, we are saving them money, because they don't have to take another test,"

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Emily Gold-Waldman, JD, quoted in a U.S. News and & World Report article titled "10 Key Differences Between the LSAT and the GRE." 

Elisbaeth Haub School of Law Professor James Fishman, JD, was featured in The Wall Street Journal, weighing in on the NRA filing for bankruptcy

“These people were engaging in insurrection against our democracy—against the Constitution. So I would look carefully at terroristic crimes and physical violence in pursuit of terroristic objectives.”

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Bennett Gershman, JD, quoted in a Mother Jones article titled "What Criminal Charges May Await the Capitol Mob and the Politicians Who Incited It."  

"Biden will come in and will have to deal with a crisis unlike other presidents in the past that come in and they sort of, you know, they start implementing their agenda,"

—Dyson Political Science Lecturer George Picoulas, quoted in a News12 video segment titled "Rep. Mondaire Jones: Trump is a 'dangerous, unhinged, lawless president.'"

Director of Athletics Mark Brown was featured in a News12 video segment discussing safety and environmental conditions regarding the NE-10 decision to cancel winter sports competition in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dyson Professor Lee Evans, EdD, will publish Rachmaninoff Art Songs Arranged for Solo Piano on February 15. The book is available for preorder on and Barnes & Noble

"While some tech companies address the rise in Holocaust revisionism, and others leave the door open, social networks have played an unwitting role in helping to distort the memory of these horrific events."

—Dyson Associate Professor Adam Klein, PhD, published an article in the Good Men Project titled "How To Fight Holocaust Denial in Social Media." 

Lubin Distinguished Professor Rosario (Roy) Girasa, PhD, received a highly favorable and lengthy review of his book Regulation of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies: National and International Perspectives in the Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation (2020). It was deemed a “go to” book on the subject of cryptocurrency regulation.

Lubin Professor Leigh Anne Donovan, PhD, co-authored two journal articles. "Professional Athletes’ Social Media Use and Player Performance: Evidence From the National Football League" (co-authors Joon Ho Lim, Peter Kaufman, and Chiharu Ishida) was published in the International Journal of Sport Communication 1, no. aop (2020): 1-27, and "Exploring the Psychological Processes That Underlie Interpersonal Forgiveness: Replication and Extension of the Model of Motivated Interpersonal Forgiveness” (co-author Joseph R. Priester) was published in Frontiers in Psychology 11 (2020).