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Fit to Print: July 2019

News Story

Pace Professors are creating a heat wave of their own, turning up the temperature on a number of timely topics in this month’s Fit to Print.

“We hear it everywhere: More and more, students and their parents are demanding the science, tech, engineering and math classes that they see—correctly—as key to successful, financially secure futures.”

President Marvin Krislov, in his recently published Forbes op-ed about the importance of a business education in a STEM-driven world. He was also featured on WAMC Radio regarding the new “adversity score” element to the SATs.

“I say that Stonewall was the spark, but we were the torch.”

—Pace Professor Emerita Karla Jay, PhD, quoted in AMNY in an article commemorating the recent 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

Elisabeth Haub School of Law professors David Cassuto, JD, and Michael Mushlin, JD, had their article “Studying the Destructive Nature of Solitary Confinement” featured in the New York Law Journal.

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Bennett Gershman, JD, was quoted in a Washington Post article titled “The Judge Who Speaks Trump’s Language.”

“Both of these incidents are particularly bad for KPMG since they illustrate efforts to ‘game the test’ and show an utter lack of professionalism on behalf of the individuals involved.”

—Lubin Assistant Professor Matthew Reidenbach, PhD, was recently quoted in Going Concern, a popular accounting blog, about the recent set of accounting ethics scandals facing KPMG.

Pace University librarians Gina Levitan and Jennifer Rosenstein have co-authored an article titled “Sustainability in the First-Year Experience,” about the UNV101 Library Orientation program on the NYC Campus, in the June 2019 issue of College and Research Libraries News.

“Through our work, we direct our innovative spirit into emerging and re-emerging realms of the law where we can play a decisive role in shaping policy and structuring practice. And as we look to the next 40 years, this work continues.”

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Dean Horace Anderson, JD, published an article in the Westchester County Business Journal titled “Keeping Pace: Health Care Jobs Are at the Intersection of Science, Technology, and the Law."

“For price and convenience, more things are going online.”

—Lubin Professor and eLab Director Bruce Bachenheimer, quoted in a Newsday article about a group of chiropractors who founded a mattress company.

“People are very driven by rewards so they're still going to be competing for those likes. It's not going to fully solve the problem."

—Lubin Professor and Randi Priluck, PhD, quoted in a Business Wire article titled “Children and Screens Calls on Instagram to Remove 'Likes' From Its Platform.”

“We don’t have a choice, and these conflicts will play out generationally.”

—Dyson Associate Professor Leora Trub, PhD, quoted in a Digiday article about how airpods have impacted the work environment at advertising agencies.

Elisabeth Haub School of Law professors Emily Gold Waldman, JD, and Bridget Crawford, JD, were mentioned for their legal advocacy in a Forbes article titled “Female Founders Call Tampon Tax Unconstitutional and Put a Deadline on Reform.”

School of Education Professor Christine Clayton, PhD, was featured in a River Journal article regarding a study she co-conducted about elementary and secondary school science education.

Lubin Professor PV Viswanath, PhD, and Associate Professor Elena Goldman, PhD, were recently recognized by the Journal of Financial Research for having one of the top downloaded recent papers: “Internal Capital Markets, Forms of Intragroup Transfers, and Dividend Policy: Evidence From Indian Corporates.”

Lubin Professor Frank Colella, JD, had the article “Partial Payment Rule of Code Sec 6694(c) Continue to Serve as a Trap for Unprepared Tax Prepares: Riter v. United States,” published in the Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure.