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Fit to Print: March 2019

News Story

February may have been a shorter month than most, but that didn’t stop Pace Professors from weighing in on the many topical issues of the day!

“I was impressed by their openness, their eagerness and their work ethic, but I also saw—as I’ve seen with many other college students—how essential time management skills are to their success.”

Pace University President Marvin Krislov, JD, in an article published in Forbes titled “What I Learned Teaching Incoming Undergrads in the Fall (Hint: They Need Help With Time Management).

Lubin Dean Neil Braun was featured on the popular business podcasts Everyday MBA, discussing the necessity of STEM education with host Kevin Craine. 

“There are a lot of cases involving innocent people who’ve been convicted because the prosecutor didn’t disclose information. This is a serious problem—one judge called it an epidemic.”

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Bennett Gershman, JDquoted in a Philly article about a man whose 28-year conviction on death row was recently overturned. 

"We're not able to decide when something is a conspiracy anymore."

Dyson Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Adam Klein, PhD, quoted in a Wired article about conspiracy rhetoric in congressional hearings. 

“The Notes app is the fastest way to bypass the gatekeepers and go directly to the public. It’s the easiest way to get your message across.”

Dyson Clinical Professor Jennifer Lee Magas, JDquoted in NBC News about White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ use of the Notes app. 

“Pace has grown. We were established in 1906 and we are a longtime, upstanding member of the community.” 

Vice President of Government and Community Relations Vanessa Hermanquoted in the NY Post on Pace’s campaign to add the University’s name to nearby subway stations. 

“If the goal was to change the conversation and you believe changing the conversation changes actions, it’s already a giant check mark in the win column.”

Elisbaeth Haub School of Law Professor and Executive Director of the Pace Energy and Climate Center Karl R. Rabago, LLM, quoted in a National Geographic article about the Green New Deal. 

They need to make sure that there is a greater level of sensitivity and awareness of what impact their products have on people’s perceptions of each other and social issues.

Lubin Professor Larry Chiagouris, PhDquoted in an NBC News article on recent missteps from fashion companies Prada and Gucci, who faced backlash amidst launching products that resembled racist imagery. 

Clinical Assistant Professor Todd Yarbrough, PhD, was featured in a article about how smaller tax refunds can hurt the economy.   

Media and Communications Professor and Department Chair Michelle Pulaski-Behling, PhDwas featured in a News12 video regarding LGBTQ representation in the movie franchise Frozen

“When I landed in Shanghai, I had to go to a kiosk where fingerprints of both hands, passport, and my photo were all collected. From there, I went to immigration control. When I got to my hotel, my picture was taken and matched to the data collected at the airport.”

Lubin Professor Andrew Coggins, PhD, quoted in a Washington Post article titled “What Does the Future of Airport Screening Hold?

[T]here’s a mountain of that showing people within Trump’s circle conspired with Russia [and] some [evidence] sure seems direct (collaborating with [a] Russian [intelligence] agent). So I don’t get what Burr means.”

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Mimi Rocah, JD, quoted in an article titled “‘He’s Not an Attorney:’ Legal Experts Suggest Senate Intel Committee Chair’s Collusion Comments Are Misleading.”

If brands really want people who are very engaged with the influencers, who believe what they say, and want to be like those influencers, they want to have a high engagement rate, because it shows that [the followers] really pay attention to the posts.

Lubin Professor of Marketing Randi Priluck, PhD, quoted in a CNN Business article titled “Instagram-worthy rest stops offer free lodging, laundry for touring musicians with a catch.”

As a person of color, you represent an entire group. And a lot of times, those implicit biases—while a person on a day-to-day basis won’t use racial slurs—some of those biases will bubble up in stressful situations.

Director of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Programs Cornell Craigquoted in an NBC News article examining the controversy surrounding the actor Liam Neeson following a recent interview. 

The New York Academy of Medicine featured Pace University’s College of Health Professions’ Dean Harriet R. Feldman PhD, RN, FAAN in “Insider: Talking Health This Winter.” Feldman was recently honored by the American Nurses Association-New York (ANA-NY) with the 2018 Mentorship Award at its 6th Annual Meeting and Conference.

Lubin Professor of Legal Studies and Taxation Dean Surkin presented “Recent Developments in Taxation Law and Procedure” (November 2018); “Qualified Business Income Code §199A” (November 2018); and “Centralized Partnership Audit Regime” (January 2019) at the Foundation for Accounting Education, New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Alexandra Dunn, former dean of Pace Law’s environmental law programs, was sworn in on Wednesday, February 20, as Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.