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Fit to Print: May 2020

News Story

Pace Professors have been weighing in on everything from supply chain realities during the pandemic, to how to best restart certain industries, to how to maintain a healthy sense of mindfulness in the latest edition of Fit to Print.

“But there’s an opportunity in this crisis. It’s time to make sure all Americans have access to the education they need to get the higher-skills jobs of tomorrow.”

—Pace President Marvin Krislov, published in his Forbes column titled  “How Colleges and the Government Can Upskill Workers and Drive the Recovery.” He was also featured on The Business of Giving radio show in regards to the impact of COVID-19.

“Our workforce is driven and adaptable, with the spirit to think and act more like committed entrepreneurs than just employees.”

—Lubin Professor and Lab Director Bruce Bachenheimer, quoted in Crains New York (PDF) about the entrepreneurial resiliency of New York. He was also featured in a Wall Street Journal article about how New Yorkers are helping mom and pop business during the pandemic.

"Although helpful in the short term, we believe a longer-term problem that needs to be addressed is how concentrated food supply chains have become, which has made them less nimble in adapting to disruptions like a health pandemic."

—Dyson Professor E. Melanie Dupuis, PhD, co-authored an article in The Telegraph titled “Why Farmers are Dumping Milk Down the Drain and Letting Produce Rot in the Fields.”

“Cruise lines will need to make the public very aware of procedures taken to contain onboard illness.”

—Lubin Clinical Professor Andrew Coggins, PhDquoted in Travel and Leisure about potential changes to the cruise industry after the pandemic. He was also featured in a USA Today article about airlines flying in and out of Coronavirus hotspots.

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Paul Rafelson, JD, was featured in an Eseller Cafe article regarding a class-action lawsuit against Amazon regarding price gouging during the pandemic.

“The world’s current handling of the coronavirus pandemic—an imminent threat spreading rapidly across the globe—offers lessons to turn around the stark lack of global action toward the climate crisis.”

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Distinguished Professor Jason Czarnezki, JD, published an op-ed in The Hill titled “Lessons from the COVID-19 and Climate Crises.”

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Katrina Kuh, JDwas featured in a News12 segment about how Earth Day under quarantine has led to a positive impact on the environment.

"Staying mentally fit is just as important as staying physically healthy.”

—College of Health Professions Professor Sophie Kaufman, DPS, was featured in a Patch article about how to reduce stress by practicing mindfulness.

Research conducted by Dyson Professor Martin Marafioti, PhD, was referenced in a Deseret article about why people are drawn to movies of fictional pandemics during our current moment.

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor David Dorfman, JD, was featured in a News12 segment titled “Mount Vernon turns to Black Market amid PPE Shortage.”

Vice President of Enrollment Robina Schepp was interviewed on Fox5 for a news segment titled “Coronavirus Throws College Admissions into Chaos for Students.”

Research conducted by Lubin Assistant Professor Chongyu Lu, PhD, was featured in a WARC article titled “Paid Search Ads Should Avoid One-Size-Fits-All Strategy.”

“Many grocery store chains consist of a very low-profit margin business model. They cannot, in turn, further shrink their profit margin by sharing some of it with the banks.”

Wallethub featured Lubin Professor Larry Chiagouris, PhD, in their “Ask the Expert” column on grocery credit card shopping tips.

Lubin Professor Frank Colella, JD, recently had his article, "D.C. Circuit Affirms IRS Authority to Require Practitioner Tax ID Numbers and Impose a User Fee: Montrois v. United States," published in the Houston Business and Tax Law Journal.

Lubin’s Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, Alan Eisner, PhD, released the tenth edition of the book Strategic Management: Text and Cases (McGraw-Hill 2021). Eisner, along with his co-authors, focus on strategic analysis, strategic formulation, strategic implementation, and case analysis in this newest edition of the book.

Lubin Professor Jessica Magaldi, JD, has co-authored a series of articles with Doctor of Professional Studies in Business student, Jonathan Sales. The series focuses on crafting effective legal remedies for victims of nonconsensual pornography and is a manifestation in the authors’ interest in intersection of the law and emerging technologies, especially as they impact civic dialogue and civic engagement. The most recent article in the series, “Deconstructing the Statutory Landscape of “Revenge Porn”: An Evaluation of the Elements that Make an Effective Nonconsensual Pornography Statute,” will be published in the American Criminal Law Review by Georgetown Law this Fall. The first article in the series, “Revenge Porn: The Name Doesn't Do Nonconsensual Pornography Justice and the Remedies Don't Offer the Victims Enough Justice,” was published by the Oregon Law Review earlier this year.