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Fit to Print: November 2019

News Story

Pace professors are weighing in on everything from renewable energy to cyberbullying in this month's edition of Fit to Print.

“When I decided to come to Pace University two years ago, I came because of the students. I'd visited the campuses, walked the halls, and met the hard-working, ambitious doers and strivers who make up—and who have always made up—Pace's student body.”

President Marvin Krislov, published an article in Education Dive titled “3 Ways One Campus Is Reaching Underrepresented Students.”

"And I think it goes along with the whole appeal of things that are just a little awful, a little bit frightening, a little bit creepy – the extreme edge of what we accept. And it's part of human nature, curiously."

Janetta Rebold Benton, PhD, featured in a CBS News interview segment about gargoyles.

"Cyber criminals have become incredibly sophisticated in their phishing ability,"

Seidenberg Dean Jonathan Hill, DPS, quoted in a News12 clip regarding Seidenberg’s annual Cybersecurity Conference.

Jerry McKinstry, Pace’s new director of public affairs in Westchester, was featured in the Westchester County Business Journal (PDF).

"The whistleblower was a tipster and, just like when someone calls the police to say 'Hey, I heard that five people robbed a bank today and here is where they did it and left the evidence,' you don’t need anything more from the tipster—you go and find the evidence."

Mimi Rocah, JD, quoted in USA Today regarding the Ukraine whistleblower. She was also featured in Vanity Fair regarding the Southern District of New York and Rudy Giuliani.

Jennifer Hoffman, MS, PA-C, and Jean Covino, DHSc, PA-C, published an article in Contemporary Clinic about the latest influenza vaccine recommendations.

“I was prepared to count mentions of the L-word, but not a single question pertained specifically to my community!”

Professor Emerita Karla Jay, PhD, published an article in Los Angeles Blade titled “Missing: Lesbians at the CNN LGBT Town Hall.”

“If you're putting a witness on the stand—whoever the witnesses, but particularly a police officer—and you have doubts about his credibility, doesn't that raise a question of whether you're prosecuting a guilty or an innocent person?”

Bennett Gershman, JD, quoted in USA Today in an article titled “Hundreds of Police Officers Have been Labeled Liars. Some Still Help Send People to Prison." He was also quoted in a NOLA article regarding a grand jury investigation into the 2005 death of Joey Georgusis.

Lee Evans, EdD, published an intermediate/upper-intermediate level book, Jazz Baroque: Vivaldi/Bach, available only in an interactive digital format in SuperScore Music on the iPad. The book is available under the folder Piano Plus.

“Indigenous Studies started emerging in universities around the world in the early 2000s, and it changed how colonization was understood in the previous century.”

Stephanie Hsu, PhD, published an article on Medium titled “Decolonizing the Academic Calendar: How to (Not) Observe Columbus Day”

Realistically, only two renewable energy resources are large enough to meet these very high-penetration objectives on the supply side in the U.S.—solar (by far) and wind.

Karl A. Rábago, JD, co-published an article in Newsweek titled “America’s Problem with Renewable Energy Can Be Solved by Building Way More Solar and Wind than We Need.”

“Every year, as soon as the leaves start falling, we start worrying about falling under the weather.”

Jessica Tosto, MS, RD, published an article on Vitamin Shoppe titled “7 Foods to Load Up on During Cold and Flu Season.

Randi Priluck, PhD, was featured in an article in Somag News about Instagram and cyberbullying.

“That could have both financial as well as political ramifications in terms of generating the political will to address climate change.”

Katrina Fischer Kuh, JD, quoted in a City & State article about New York State’s lawsuit against Exxon-Mobil, and its potential ramifications.

Lubin Professor Lynn Richard Kahle, PhD, had a book he edited and contributed writing to, Consumer Social Values (New York: Routledge, 2019), recently published.

Lubin Professor Frank Colella, JD, was a presenter at the Important Developments in Administrative Practice Panel at the ABA Fall Tax Section Meeting in San Francisco. In September he delivered a presentation for the New York State Society of CPAs on the Taxpayer First Act/IRS Independent Office of Appeals.