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Fit to Print: October 2019

News Story

Pace professors have been weighing in on topics all over the news—from social media pros and cons, to increasing youth STEM education and much more.

“In higher ed we always talk about, how to do we embed an interest in stem for our K-12 students?”

Shobana Musti, PhD, featured in a News12 video segment titled “Kids learn how to code and build robots at Pace University.”

Lee Evans, EdD, recently published an article in JAZZed Magazine. The article, titled “The Opening Session,” discusses Evans’ teaching methods for the first semesterly meeting for his MUS 110 (Jazz history) class.

“That gets right back to entire aura of nonprofit marketing: What is the most efficient way to make a change in the world?”

Larry Chiagouris, PhD, quoted in a Fox article titled “Shooting and Shock Value: Hoodies, PSA use Similar Tactics.”

“Not everyone is comfortable with the personal criticism that often comes. Anytime you put yourself on social media, there will be quite a few things to deal with. It’s not for everyone.”

Bridget Crawford, PhD, quoted in a article titled “To Tweet or Not to Tweet. That is the Question (for Law Professors).”

Newsmax featured the Pace Energy and Climate Center in an article titled “As Gas Prices Spike, Propane Eyed as a Clean Alternative for Vehicles.”

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured Director of Pace University’s Counseling Center Richard Shadick, PhD, in an article titled “Overburdened Mental Health Counselors Look after Students.”

“In Yonkers, in particular, the slogan is, ‘we want to appeal to the young professionals, to the empty-nesters.’”

Gina Scutelnicu, PhD, quoted in a Lo Hud article titled “Yonkers moves towards a more greener, more transit-oriented future.”

“It is crucially important to the integrity of our judicial system, not only that all of the allegations against Kavanaugh be thoroughly investigated but also that the public understands who limited the investigation and how.”

Mimi Rocah, JD, published an article in USA Today titled “Confirmed: Powerful men ignored women in short-circuited Brett Kavanaugh investigation.”

“Forty years ago we tried to do something about the MCC’s deplorable conditions but failed when in Bell v. Wolfish, the United States Supreme Court threw out lower court opinions we had won that would have brought the protection of the United States Constitution to that dark place.”

Michael Mushlin, JD, published an article in New York Law Journal titled “The Role of SCOTUS in Making the Metropolitan Correctional Center Prone to Suicide Mayhem.”

“Is clamping down on this hurting progress and the evolution of the market?”

Bruce Bachenheimer, quoted in a Newsweek article titled “Uber's response to California Worker Bill is Legal Ploy That Denies Drivers Fair Deal.”

Inside Higher Ed featured Vice President of Enrollment Robina Schepp in an article titled “A Gap Year Students can Get Credit For.”

“It really does set in motion a very basic and probably evolutionary tendency to seek other people out when we feel stress.”

Anthony Mancini, PhD, quoted in a Mercury News article titled “For Conception Crew, Surviving the Fire is Just the First Step in a Long Healing Process.”

Lubin Professor Frank Colella, JD, published “Looking Back on the Allen Ginsberg Obscenity Trial 62 years Later” in the New York Law Journal. He also presented to the New York State Society of CPAs on “IRS Final Regulations Governing Charitable Contributions and SALT Credit Workarounds.”