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Food for Fines (NYC)

News Story

Have those overdue books got you in a fine bind? Fret not. Take a buck off your library fines for each item of food you donate at the Library’s Food for Fines event. Now if only we could all get the same deal for those pesky parking tickets!

Got fines? Give food. It’s that easy.

It’s time to stock up on those unused canned food items to donate for Food for Fines, which will not only help you pay back your library fines that have added up all semester, but will also go to local food pantries to help people in need.

From now until the libraries close for winter break, bring non-perishable food items to the Birnbaum Library in NYC and receive amnesty on your library fines. Each item of food equals $1 off your fines owed. So, if you owe $5 in fines and bring 5 non-perishable food items, your fines will be cleared. A simple equation with a powerful result!