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Future Educators Association (PLV)

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Get a lesson on the club that offers all students an organization to encourage and support those interested in the field of education and assisting the community. Read more about Pace's Future Educators Association.

Future Educators Association on the PLV Campus aims to help students both in and outside the education major share experiences, assist the community, and learn and share ideas and lessons beyond the classroom walls. Get to know FEA in this Q&A with club president, Emilee Coladarci.

Meeting times: Mondays from 12:15 p.m.–1:15 p.m. in Miller 15A
Founded in: 2006
Number of members: 10
A few words that describes FEA: Creative and interactive

Q: What is one of Future Educators Association’s greatest accomplishments?
A: We had an event called Sing for a Cure. It was super fun and we had a large group of students come out from a variety of majors, not just education majors. It was a fun night to raise money for Relay for Life.

Q: What are your club’s goals?
A: We want to get people to interact with students and figure out ways to discuss and go about it. We really want to open up to non-education majors. For education majors, we offer a place for you to discuss your fears, your excitement, and we are just one big support group.

Q: How does your group pave the way for students to become successful educators?
A: We have different companies come in and they show different options if you don’t want to be a teacher in a traditional classroom. We help discuss things you can do in the classroom as well, such as incorporating holidays into lessons. We have all ages in our group, so if you have a question about student teaching or anything else, you can get help. It is a great place for advice and options for future teachers.

Q: What is something unique about Future Educators Association?
A: Something unique about us is that we try to do something interactive each week, so it’s not like you are just going to another class or lecture. We try to always do something hands on.

Q: How can students get involved?
A: If you come to our meetings, we would love to have you! You don’t have to be an education major to come! We try to make our meetings and events open to everyone.

Q: Do you have any upcoming events?
A: Next semester, we are planning an alumni panel that we would like to open up to nursing majors, business majors, and education majors. The alumni will share their experience in the working world and what it was like navigating a job for after graduation.

For more information on Future Educators Association, check them out on OrgSync and Instagram!