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Futuristic Africa (NYC)

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Belgian-Congolese rapper and crooner Baloji breaks it down on the Schimmel stage on Thursday, April 17.

Congolese Rumba, Hip-Hop, and Funk: Baloji and L'Orchestre de la Katuba

Thursday, April 17, at 7:30 p.m.
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Baloji is a quirky Belgian rapper and crooner with Congolese roots whose nom de guerre means “sorcerer” in Swahili. His inventive mix of rap with vintage Congolese soukous, rumba, and 60s soul grooves performed in a highly original way has garnered him a huge fan base. Critically acclaimed for his modern interpretation of Congolese music, Baloji is at the forefront of redefining African music in a savvy, modern way. He will be joined by his elegant band on guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, and a horn section.

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Next up at the Schimmel: Paul Taylor’s renowned Taylor 2 Company on April 24–26.