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Get Techie with IT

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On your mark ready set let’s go. Tech pro I know you know I go psycho when my internet quits, cable splits. Gotta get techie with it, that’s it! From discounts and Dawg Dollars to mobile app updates and makeovers, ITS is keeping you connected.


Email Migration from Google to Exchange
ITS has completed the migration of all current students from Google to Exchange. We continue to work on alumni accounts. Migrated students should now be accessing their email via the Outlook Web App. ITS will be modifying website links to reflect the update. Learn more...

Lecture Capture (Echo 360 Engage) Update
There have been some notable updates to the Echo 360 system by adding Echo Engage. Students will experience the following:

  • + Option to bookmark the video captures
  • + Add discussion threads (can be used to ask questions or discuss with other students in class) Note: Instructors will let you know if they will be answering question via discussion.
  • + Possible Echo Login screen may be needed where students will need to login in with their MyPace Portal credentials in order to access the capture. If you click the link and an error appears, you can proceed as instructed by your browser.

Please feel free to contact Educational Media Services if you have any questions or need additional instruction on how to use Echo Engage features.

Use Your Dawg Dollars!
ITS worked with OSA to bring students a new application to add funds to your Dawg Dollars campus account! For more information, visit the Dawg Dollars webpage.

New Online Forms
In our continued efforts to facilitate department initiatives, ITS has worked with several departments to launch the following online forms for the fall semester: Lubin Professional Education application, Pfzorheimer Honors College forms (PLV), and OSA Diploma Information form.

Utilizing Your Technology Fee
Pace University assesses a Technology Fee to ensure students have access to the latest instructional technology resources available. All revenue generated from the technology fee goes directly towards funding instructional technology initiatives that are focused on enhancing the student learning experience. Learn more…

Renovations and Classroom Updates

Many improvements were made over the summer to improve and enhance our spaces and technology.

Classrooms/Lecture Halls Update
As you make your return to campus, you may notice some of the many classroom improvements overseen by the Educational Media department this summer. More than 90 classroom upgrades were completed, including the installation of 11 new interactive whiteboards, new projectors, enhancements to the main video conference rooms, and the renovation of the Law School’s Moot Court Room. View a full list of current classroom technologies.

NYC Computer Classroom Renovations
During the summer, ITS worked with Facilities and Planning to renovate four electronic classrooms managed by ITS at One Pace Plaza, 2nd floor. Rooms W200A, W200B, W205, and W206 have been refreshed with new paint colors, carpet, and furniture to match the recently renovated main computer lab. The updated floor layouts and new space-efficient desks have resulted in a better traffic flow and an increase in the total number of computers overall. Please stop by and visit! View more details...

All Users

ePortfolio Upgrade
Summer has been good to ePortfolio! The latest upgrade brought several new features, an improved editing layout, and a sleeker design. Users can now embed PDF documents, move feedback around their pages, and add badges from other sites. Adding content to pages is now easier than ever with a new menu bar that moves with you as you scroll throughout the page. Users who like to edit on-the-go will enjoy ePortfolio’s new responsive design for mobile devices. Log in to to check out these new additions! Feel free to contact with any questions.

Don’t Forget to Register Your Devices
First-time users need to configure wireless devices (laptop, iPad, smartphone, etc.) to connect to PACE-OPEN. This is a one-time process. Users must follow the instructions to automatically configure and register the device for PACE-WIRELESS. When complete, the device needs to be connected to PACE-WIRELESS.

Important Notes:

  • + Devices connecting to PACE-WIRELESS must be registered properly in order to access internal Pace systems such as Pharos printing, Kronos, etc.
  • + Users can register up to five (5) devices on the PACE-WIRELESS network.
  • + Connecting devices must support WPA2 enterprise encryption.

IT Security Awareness
Computer security is an issue that everyone faces, not just IT. What does this mean for the Pace user community? It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we keep our institution and personal data secure. Therefore, it is vital that users across the University understand how to keep their devices and data secure. Staying vigilant and taking key precautionary steps in everyday routines are practices that must be implemented to help safeguard personal information and the institution’s data. Phishing messages may try to disguise themselves as authentic emails by spoofing “From” addresses from people you know or known companies. They will attempt to convince you to divulge personal or sensitive information like your social security number, credit card numbers, or accounts and passwords.

How do I keep from falling victim to a phishing scam?
1. DO NOT respond to these emails and DO NOT click on links or attachments or provide any personal information. Delete the email message from your Inbox and then permanently remove it from your Deleted Items folder.
2. DO NOT share your account information and/or passwords with anyone. Pace University will never ask for your personal information or validation of your account information through email. Learn more about spam…
3. DO NOT visit untrusted websites. This will reduce your computer’s chances of getting infected with malware.
4. DO NOT provide your username and password to anyone. It can lead to fraudulent account access and identity theft.

Please visit the Phishing section on Pace’s Potential Risks with Email and Internet page to learn more. For more details and best practices to protect yourself online, visit Pace’s IT Security website. If your area needs training, please contact the IT Security office at

Use Internet Explorer for Banner or Kronos?
Microsoft recently released a patch that will change the way Internet Explorer (IE) interacts with outdated Java ActiveX controls. Beginning Tuesday, September 9, users trying to access web pages using Internet Explorer (IE) and loading the below versions of Java ActiveX controls will see a security notification pop up.

  • + Java SE 6, everything below (but not including) update 81
  • + Java SE 7, everything below (but not including) update 65
  • + Java SE 8, everything below (but not including) update 11

If you are using Pace systems such as Banner and Kronos and you receive this security notification, you must ensure that you download the correct version of Java approved for Pace systems. The version of Java that is currently recommended is Java 7 update 65. (Special exceptions for select users may apply.) For more details on which version of Java you should be running for Pace systems, please refer to our Java Compatibility page. We will continue to monitor future changes and update this page accordingly.

Additional article resources:

MyPace Mobile App
ITS along, with the Mobile Apps Group (MAG), has worked to continuously improve Pace University’s mobile app. Recent update includes modules for Student Advising, Counseling Center, Pace Chronicle, Pace Press, and WPAW. Learn more about the MyPace mobile app…

Software Discounts
Software packages such as Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Lync, etc. can be downloaded by students for FREE! For more details, visit There is also select software available for University use for faculty and staff. Software such as SPSS is available for Mac and Windows PCs. Other packages such as SAS and Microsoft Office for personal home use are also available for faculty and staff. For more details on the licensed software for faculty and staff visit our Licensed Software page. Discounts are also available for hardware and a variety of other software applications through the IT Discounts page for all Pace users.


We can conveniently be reached by:

Phone: 3-3333 or (914) 773-3333 [Toll Free: 1-855-PACEITS (1-855-722-3487)]



The ITS Help Desk extended hours for Move-in weekend and the first two weeks of September. For the 2014-2015 Calendar year schedule, visit ITS Help Desk Hours of Operation.


Sign Up for the PaceAlert Emergency Notification System!
Please remember to enroll in or update your PaceAlert information to make sure you get the latest emergency notifications either through your email or phone! To sign up, go to Learn more…

Guest Wireless Account for Pace Visitors Needing to Access the Internet Only
ITS offers a self-service system for Pace Students, faculty, and staff to generate wireless/wired network guest accounts for individuals who are visiting Pace University for a limited time and would like to access the internet. Click the following for instructions: Guest accounts for PACE-WIRELESS. Learn more…

Not sure who to call? Contact the Pace Information Center (PIC)
The Pace Information Center (PIC) is your single source of information for any question about the University. To reach PIC, dial 311 from any internal administrative Pace phone, or 1-855-PACE311 (1-855-722-3311) from off-campus. Learn more…

For more info on all ITS has to offer, visit the ITS website.