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Going the Distance

News Story

General accounting student Chris Ambrus ’17 and computer science and economics alumnus Drew Cimino ’13 are running the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon for charity and they need your help!

Did you know that the first New York City Marathon winners received inexpensive watches and recycled bowling and baseball trophies? Forty-four years later, the marathon has grown from 127 participants to 50,000+ participants, making it the world’s biggest and most popular marathon. Oh, and there’s now a $100,000 first place prize up for grabs.

But two members of the Pace Community aren’t playing for keeps—they’re racing for change. And they need your change to make it happen.

On November 2, Lubin general accounting student Chris Ambrus ’17 and Seidenberg computer science and Dyson economics double alumnus Drew Cimino ’13 will run in the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon on the GOAL USA team. As sponsored runners, the two are not only training for the 26.2 mile run, but are also raising $3,000 each for the charity. GOAL is an international humanitarian organization that strives to alleviate poverty and provides those in developing countries with access to fundamental needs such as food, health, shelter, and more.

Chris Ambrus

The 2014 TCS New York City Marathon will be Ambrus’ first marathon, but a feat he’s had his eye on since high school. “I’ve wanted to run in the New York City Marathon for a long time now. It was always very intriguing to me to see how people could just train and run 26.2 miles all in one shot,” he says.

An active member of the Pace Community, Ambrus secured his spot in the marathon through his resident adviser position in 182 Broadway, where he worked closely with GOAL USA in the 2013–2014 academic year as a philanthropic partner. “I found out that they had a spot open for the New York City Marathon and I said I was interested in it.”

Ambrus has been running around the city—over the Williamsburg Bridge and back, up to 34th Street and back—and participating in smaller races in preparation for the big day in November. He ran in the Queens 10k, the Achilles Hope and Possibility 5M in Central Park, and the 18-mile TCS New York City Marathon Tune-Up.

When Ambrus isn’t hitting the ground running (literally), he’s interning at BCM as a recruitment intern and preparing for his role as Junior Class President. He’s also a theme floor resident adviser in 182 Broadway for the NYC Explores floor, which he hopes will show students all that the five boroughs have to offer—no running required, of course.

“The only two things that I could ask for would be to help support me while running the New York City Marathon by showing up and cheering me on, helping me raise the $3,000, and raising awareness of what GOAL does,” says Ambrus.

Support Ambrus here.

Drew Cimino

The 2014 TCS New York City Marathon will also be Cimino’s first marathon as well; however, it won’t be his first time running in the New York City Marathon. “I’ve actually jumped in and ran part of the New York Marathon just for fun, so I figured I should actually run the whole thing,” he admits.

Cimino is currently a web developer for public records website BeenVerified, where he interned for two years before accepting a full-time position with the company. When he’s not building web software or a kegbot beer monitoring system for the office, Cimino, who recently won a Career Services Award, returns to his Pace roots to offer career advice to current students. And, of course, he runs a lot.

“I’ve been a runner before and I enjoy running. I stopped for a while and I just kind of got back into it,” he says. In May, Cimino raced 13.1 miles in the Brooklyn Half, which inspired him to take on the TCS New York City Marathon. “I wasn’t really in shape or training for that and I did alright, so I said ‘Ok, well the half was ok, I’ll just do the full thing,’” he says.

But the real perk for Cimino is helping raise money for GOAL USA’s initiatives, a cause that’s close to his heart. “RHA started working with GOAL when I was a student, and I know a few people who have worked for them,” he says. “And GOAL is a pretty fantastic NGO, they do amazing work and their expenses are super low. I’m more than happy to raise $3,000 for them.”

Support Cimino here.