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Help An International Student

News Story

Interested in volunteering as a conversation partner with an international student looking to improve their English language skills? The English Language Institute wants you!

The English Language Institute (ELI) is in search of Pace staff and faculty who are interested in volunteering their time as an English Conversation Partner with an international student this summer!  ELI students represent over 30 countries and are eager to improve their English skills for personal, professional, and academic success.  Besides improving their English they’re also VERY excited to make a new friend!

The conversation partner program is perfect for anyone interested in making a new friend, a student who may be planning to study abroad in 2021, or a staff member interested in staying connected to students. 

>>Access the sign up sheet webpage to get started


Info and Expectations Meeting
>>Participants will attend a 30-minute Information & Expectations Meeting to ensure all participants enjoy the volunteer experience.

Weekly commitment
>>Participants are expected to meet for 1-hour, every 2-weeks, by phone call, voice message, or video meeting.  It is important for the English language learners of the ELI to experience authentic conversations in real time.

>>A timesheet will be provided to participants to keep track of the hours they have completed.

Certificate of Completion
>>Certificates of completion that document the number of service hours completed are available starting August 18, 2020.

For more information on Pace's English Language Institute, please visit the ELI webpage