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Put vital and potentially life-saving information at your fingertips with the Counseling Center’s new Just in Case app. Plus, a new relaxation room and ongoing groups.

As a faculty, staff member, or adviser, you may be the first person to recognize students who would benefit from the Counseling Center. As you know, students may turn to anyone they perceive as knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy during times of need.

“One of the main sources of referral to our services is faculty and staff who are on the front lines everyday interacting with students in need and in crisis,” says Lauren Saler, PsyD, senior staff psychologist and assistant director of Pace’s Counseling and Personal Development Center. She says that faculty and staff often look for support when directing students with mental health distress to their services, as well support with their own concerns and anxieties about those students.

If you find yourself or your students feeling hopeless, having trouble sleeping or eating, and in need of counseling, crisis intervention, or consultation, the Counseling and Personal Development Center Westchester Campuses (CPDC) has an app to help you while you’re on the go. Scan their Just In Case app, just in case you or someone you know needs help.

“Having the Just In Case app offers critical mental health, substance abuse, sexual assault, and suicide resources and information for faculty and staff to have for themselves and to share with students,” Saler says.

Do you know a student who need help coping with stress and developing relaxation skills? Have them make an appointment to check out CPDC’s new Relaxation Room, designed to help students, faculty, and staff explore various resources for improving emotional health. Sit back in a state-of-the-art massage chair, let the SAD Lamp ease your SADD, master the art of letting go with the Buddha Board, and reduce stress with biofeedback software, emWave2©!

Saler goes on to say that sometimes distressed students are hesitant to come to a session at the Center right away. “Faculty and staff knowing about the app and Relaxation Room will allow them to offer other options to students which may be more palatable,” she says. “And help students make a connection to our office and its services in a way that feels easier and safer initially.”

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