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How Do We Develop Empathy? (NYC)

News Story

Can we help turn that selfish kid into a compassionate adult? The Pace Prosocial Development Conference will discuss new findings on building kids’ empathy on June 5.

Maybe you wondered this the last time you saw a bratty kid throwing a tantrum or grabbing another kid’s toy: how exactly did we go from that to the mature, considerate adults we are now? (Making assumptions here.)

Well this is your chance to find out. On Friday, June 5, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Bianco Room on the NYC Campus, the Social Cognition and Imagination Lab is holding a one-day conversation on how to best increase empathy, compassion, and social skills in young children. You can look forward to talks and panel dialogues by renowned and rising scholars on topics such as autism, live theater, memory and imagination, and using texting to help build teens’ sense of empathy. Among the speakers is Pace Assistant Professor of Psychology Thalia Goldstein, PhD, with a presentation on the effects of drama games on self control and empathy in four-year-olds. 

Registration is free and open to the public. And don’t say you were never offered a free meal—on top of all the discussion, breakfast, lunch, and a reception are included.

Pre-register here.