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How to Stay Productive During Quarantine

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Seidenberg content writer Brittany Benjamin ’22 just shared a few ways she’s keeping busy while social distancing (and yes, that includes scheduling time for self-care). Build your skills, revamp your resume, and more.

From virtual hackathons to revamping your resume to checking out free skills-building resources, computer science major Brittany Benjamin ’22 is approaching the difficulties of social distancing from a creative perspective. “Being productive is hard,” she wrote on Seidenberg’s blog. “However, when you find ways to be productive that are also fun, it becomes a tad bit easier.”

There are a number of other helpful how-tos from the Seidenberg content writing team. Brianna Adkins ’21, a communication studies major who we previously interviewed for The Pulse, featured an important guide on remote learning resources courtesy of Pace Web Developer Leanne Keeley ’18. “We’re all going through this together as a community,” Adkins wrote. “So this guide is for all of us.”

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