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Humans of Pace: PLV

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Do you follow and like (love!) Humans of New York? That makes 10.1 million of us. Now it’s time for you to check out Humans of Pace: Pleasantville.

We all have a story to tell. And on Pace’s Westchester Campus, School of Education student Kelly Lang ’18 is making sure you do exactly that.

Inspired by Humans of New York (HONY), a photoblog and bestselling book featuring portraits and quotes/interviews of NYC’s inhabitants, Lang has set out to capture the Pace Pleasantville student story.

Part passion-project and part story-sharing, Humans of Pace: Pleasantville is the best of both worlds for Lang.

“Photojournalism has been my passion ever since I worked on my high school’s newspaper…This is a way for me to pursue my passion,” she says. “I also wanted to start HOPP to showcase the different minds and stories that are in one community. Sometimes people relate to the story and it helps them feel like they are not alone and it breaks down the stereotypes that you think of when seeing someone.”

So far, more than a dozen students have shared their hopes and dreams, their happiest moments, and their greatest struggles.

“My main goal with HOPP is to photograph and interview everyone in the Pace Community throughout my years at Pace. I do not just want to photograph that one person who looks like they can give me something interesting, but every face because everyone has a story to tell. By doing this, the person that sits on the other side of class won’t be so much a stranger anymore when you hear their story,” she says.

From overcoming facial paralysis to making the top 10 at the National America Miss New York Teen Pageant to balancing school work and other responsibilities, Humans of Pace: Pleasantville is telling the Pace PLV story one student portrait at a time. And to turn the tables, we asked Lang what her story was. Like many of us, she didn’t have just one: travelling to Vietnam and Hong Kong by herself this year, losing her uncle and father figure, getting into Pace, romance books. But since we’re the curators here, we think HOPP may be her story at this moment.

“Throughout my life I tried everything imaginable. I took lessons in every type of dance they offered at the local studio for three years, walked to piano class for four years, attempted to ice-skate for two, and played the violin for five years. But I ended all of it because I realized it just wasn’t something I was passionate about. I took one photo class offered at my school and it hit me that this was something I want to peruse. After every class, I put more and more effort into the assignments. Then I took what I learned and applied for the school paper, which made me love journalism. So then I finally found what I was passionate about, which was photojournalism.”

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