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Important Info for Residential Students

News Story

If you’re a residential student at Pace, review our guide with all the information you will need regarding move-out, forms, updates, and procedures. We’re stronger together, and we’re here to assist you as we all adjust to these new changes.

Published March 23, 2020. For the most up-to-date information, see our Housing FAQ.

One of the next critical steps we need to take as the University responds to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is to reduce the number of students living in our residence halls. We understand that you as students are most directly impacted by the changes to our academic and campus operations. While this can be a disappointing and distressing time, we know that as Pace Setters we unite together to be stronger.

As previously communicated, wherever possible students should have left campus. Students who need to remain in residence halls may stay, and minimal on-campus services, including limited dining services, will remain open for them. At this point, we cannot permit additional student move-outs after those that are already scheduled to take place on Monday, March 23, and we have deferred all future move-out appointments. We will make limited exceptions for urgent needs.

​Exceptions: Any students requiring an exception to this rule due to significant need must email their Housing office with their request. Please keep in mind that exceptions will be made on a very limited basis.

How and when can students retrieve personal belongings in the residence halls?
After Monday, March 23, 2020, you cannot schedule a move-out. When the New York State on PAUSE directive is lifted, the Office of Residential Life and Housing will contact you with information about signing up for a new move-out appointment.

What are my options if I have no way to get home?
We need to know the plan of action for all of our residential students so that we can best support your needs. All residential students must complete the Resident Student Plans for Remainder of Spring 2020 form, available at the MyHousing website.  If you need to remain in a residence hall through the end of the semester, you can. We understand that not all students have alternative living arrangements available. If you need to remain in Pace housing, we will accommodate you. Limited dining services on a to-go basis will be kept open for students who remain in residence halls. University Health Care will also remain open. Once you have completed the Resident Student Plans for Remainder of Spring 2020 form, you MUST register to remain in housing for the remainder of the spring semester by completing the Registration for Students to Remain on Campus form on MyHousing

May I leave my belongings in my residence hall?
When the New York State on PAUSE directive is lifted, we will contact you with information about signing up for a new move-out appointment. Pace is committed to leaving all student’s belongings in place for retrieval at a later date. In the event belongings cannot remain in a specific room, Pace will pack and store all belongings on campus.

How will this affect my Housing fees?
We are very much aware of the financial implications of this change for our students, and the University is analyzing options for issuing refunds or credits where appropriate. More details will be forthcoming.

For questions and support:
We know this is a difficult and challenging disruption to what you expected this spring semester. We will miss being with you on campus and the energy you bring to our community. We always look forward to how you shape the campus experience for yourself, your peers, and for us. For May 2020 graduates, we feel an extraordinary amount of sadness that you will not experience the Pace traditions during your final days before graduation and that you will spend much of your time away from your friends, faculty mentors, staff advisors, and life as you expected it to be. 

We have come to respect and admire the strength of our students, which makes us stronger together. For our returning students, our next semester together will be that much stronger. For our graduating students, we hope you will join us for other opportunities to celebrate your hard work and success.

Contacts in the Office of Residential Life and Housing

Please stay in touch and don’t hesitate to contact us. We are mindful of the unique and personal circumstances that many students and families find themselves in at this moment. We remain grateful for your support and cooperation as we work swiftly to ensure the safety and health of our students, while also allowing Pace University to respond to this rapidly evolving situation.

Patrick Roger-Gordon
Assistant Dean/Director, Residential Life and Housing, New York City
Phone: (212) 346-1295

Alerie Tirsch
Assistant Dean/Director, Residential Life andHousing, Westchester
Phone: (914) 597-8777

Patrick O’Connor
Director of Student Services, Residential Life, Elisabeth Haub School of Law
Phone: (914) 422-4107

Contact Information for the Deans for Students

Marijo Russell-O’Grady, PhD
Associate Vice President/Dean for Students, New York City
Phone: (212) 346-1306

Rachel S. Carpenter
Associate Vice President/Dean for Students, Westchester
Phone: (914) 773-3351

Angie D’Agostino, JD
Dean for Students and Campus Affairs, Elisabeth Haub School of Law
Phone: (914) 422-4146

We know many questions lie ahead and we will continue to update you as this situation unfolds. For right now, we want to thank each of you personally for your patience and your fortitude as we make our way together through this unprecedented time. We will actively work towards building a virtual community and look forward to “remote living" with each of you throughout the rest of the semester.