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Important Information: COVID-19 Testing

News Story

This week, Pace will begin an ongoing program of community monitoring, which means weekly testing for COVID-19 and 24-hour results. We also have a COVID-19 dashboard, updated daily, so that we can better protect our community—together.

Each week, beginning on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, a random sample of 25 percent of our on-campus population—including residential and commuter students, plus faculty and staff who come to each campus—will be tested with a nasal swab that is self-administered under the guidance and observation of experts. This is a less invasive sampling technique that will make it easy for community members to continue with our monitoring program.

We’ll test in the early part of the week each week, and we’ll have results back in 24 hours. Any positive cases will immediately be isolated and their contacts will be identified, contacted, and quarantined. Our contact tracing programs will work in collaboration with local county Departments of Health for each campus. You can find more information about our community monitoring program on our Return to Campus website. You can also track these results on our COVID-19 dashboard. It will be updated at least daily while school is in session.

For further information, please review the email (PDF) from Andréa Sonenberg, PhD, professor of graduate nursing in the College of Health Professions, that was sent out last week. She will be the new Coronavirus Coordination Officer for Pace University, managing our testing, tracing, and response efforts across all three campuses.

We’re in this together!