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Inside the Org: Pace Computing Society

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Have an interest in the wonderful world of computing? Let's talk about tech. Pace Computing Society is back and better than ever this semester with a new website and a series of speakers at weekly meetings from hot companies like BuzzFeed, HATCH, WeWork, and UNICEF. Oh, and free pizza.

While we spent most of our winter break sleeping in, wearing elastic waistband sweatpants, and watching Law & Order: SVU marathons (though that "Locks and Loaded" marathon that explores the many hairstyles of Olivia Benson made us wish USA had reserved their right to remain stylish silent), students like Seidenberg first-year student and Pace Computing Society treasurer Zakiya Sims were on a quest to make a better Pace. Looking to grow Pace Computing Society (PCS), Sims started writing e-mails and calling celebrities who have invested in startup companies, then she e-mailed their managers, then CEOs, and finally local startup company employees. Eventually, Sims secured guest speakers for five PCS meetings, got their website up and running, and presented PCS and Pace's Stem Camp and Summer Scholars program at the Girls Who Code chapter at Brooklyn Tech meeting, among other things. And she's still not done.

"I still aim to continue finding more speakers, events, and business opportunities for the members of PCS. This week I was planning on going to a Lunch Talk where I will practice my sketch noting skills in order to glean information to pass on to the members. Furthermore, I will be going to Playtest Thursdays at NYU Poly to perhaps procure more attendees for our events and get more ideas and connections. In addition, I will be attending a hackathon, sponsored by Spotify, to gain experience and exposure that I will share with other PCS members," she said. "I would not have thought a few months ago that PCS would be where it is now but I pulled a few strings, made it happen, and now we’re known by a bunch a girls at Brooklyn Tech, the speakers I’ve invited, people who saw me steal food at the WWC meeting, and soon the world."

Pace Computing Society seeks to promote and increase the interest and knowledge of the languages, design, development, and management of modern computing through interactive workshops, presentations, and engaging speakers. PCS targets any student with a genuine interest or curiosity in technology–from to novices to advanced programmers.

Upcoming meeting speakers include:

Jesse Middleton from WeWork at PCS
Wednesday, January 28
If you're a freelancer, small business, someone looking to launch a start up, or just interested and need a work space, come to our informative event to hear Jesse Middleton from WeWork speak. WeWork is a company that creates a community in the work place by providing several services and hosting numerous events. The Director of Business Development at WeWork, Middleton will talk about the company as well as his experiences in business and technology. His experiences include co-founding Backstory, being an adviser to YourTrove, and mentoring at Blueprint Health.

Mercedes Bent from General Assembly at PCS
Wednesday, February 4
Are you interested in traveling, learning about technology, and want to gain work experience? Mercedes Bent, head of University Partnerships at General Assembly, will talk about the cool study abroad programs being offered by GA where you can do all of these things. General Assembly is a community of instructors who offer tech workshops, classes, and courses. Bent has an economics degree from Harvard and used to be the global director of immersive programs and global product manager at GA.

Noah Fisher from HATCH at PCS
Wednesday, February 11
Designer of software developer interested in working at a start up? Noah Fisher will shed some light on startups in NYC and talk about HATCH, an up and coming eCommerce start up coming based in Brooklyn that brings unique handmade items from small businesses their customers. Fisher, whose experiences span from being a former developer at NREL to past product designer at The Made Shop, is the senior engineer and designer at HATCH will talk about his tech experiences and what his jobs entails.

Norah Maki from UNICEF at PCS
Wednesday, February 25
Are you interested in hearing about the ways UNICEF is bringing about social change through technology? Join us to listen to Norah Maki, project manager at UNICEF, speak about the organization and the new technical projects they're up to. UNICEF is an organization dedicated to making sure children around the world get the nutrition, education, and support they need to become prosperous and healthy adults. At UNICEF, Maki manages the global design for UNICEF challenges and innovation unit. In addition to working at UNICEF, Maki is the co-founder and editor of Singing Saw Press.

Amaury Moulron from BuzzFeed at PCS
Wednesday, April 8
Are you interested in BuzzFeed and tech (and of course, puppy and kitten memes)? Hear from Amaury Moulron, design technologist from BuzzFeed, talk about the company and how technology is used to reach its users and social media platforms. BuzzFeed is a social news and entertainment website that shares the latest news, videos, and entertainment through its innovative social publishing technology. Aside from working at BuzzFeed, Moulron has worked as a user interface designer at Trusted Family and a was the founder of

The NYC chapter of Pace Computing Society meets every Wednesday from 12:10 p.m. to 1:10 p.m. in room 227 at 163 William Street. Free pizza every week!