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Intramurals: Fall 2019

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Dodgeball. Ultimate frisbee. Flag football. Badminton. Don’t wait! You have until Friday, September 20, to register for the first round of intramurals. Get ready to serve up the competition this season with your fellow Setters.

You don’t need to play on an official team to take your shot at sports! Intramurals season is rapidly approaching here at Pace, and we invite you to sign up for a little friendly competition. No matter what your skill level, you’re welcome to hit the court (or the field!) and give it your all. Or, perhaps, show up your crew for the ultimate bragging rights. We don’t judge.

Here’s a rundown of what sports you’ll get to choose from:

  • >> 2v2 Badminton
  • >> 3v3 Wiffleball
  • >> 5v5 Basketball
  • >> 5v5 Dodgeball
  • >> 6v6 Soccer
  • >> 6v6 Volleyball
  • >> 7v7 Flag Football
  • >> 7v7 Ultimate Frisbee
  • >> Soccer
  • >> Soccer Leagues
  • >> Softball

Think you can handle the heat? Register for intramurals on either the NYC Campus or PLV CampusBe sure to note the date, time, and location of each match.