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Introducing The Berg

News Story

Seidenberg is excited to announce the launch of The Berg, a student-driven podcast series highlighting both the work of the Pace Community and guests through interviews focused on work expertise, technology, and life.

Looking for quality content to consume over the cold winter months? Look no further than Seidenberg's newly launched podcast series! The Berg is a student-driven podcast run out of the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems at Pace University. In each episode, Pace students and members of the Seidenberg community interview guests on their experiences and expertise in work, technology, and life.

"The podcast is for everyone, not just Seidenberg or tech-minded people," said Seidenberg Assistant Director of Communications and Strategic Operations Katie Todd. "We talk tech and expand on how that impacts other parts of life. Tech is everywhere and in everything. So while we talk about topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and so on—we also talk about business, ethics, art, and so much more!"

Be sure to subscribe to Seidenberg's YouTube channel to stay up to date on the newest episodes. For now, you can hear Dean Jonathan Hill, DPS, discuss the pandemic and the future of technology, or learn about UX design from a Seidenberg student and successful Head of Product.