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It’s Happening at the Library (NYC)

News Story

A haiku contest. An ode to zines. The coolest place on campus is…the Birnbaum Library.

Are you a secret
champion of poetry?
Then join this contest!

To celebrate National Poetry Month and National Library Week, the Birnbaum Library is holding their annual haiku contest from now until April 30. Each haiku should follow the traditional 5-7-5 syllable format, and should be book or library themed. The winner, in addition to receiving a Barnes & Noble gift card, will be cemented in Birnbaum lore and have their haiku permanently displayed on the wall. Additionally, runners-up will be selected for publication on the Library’s Facebook page.

Interested in submitting? Send up to three haikus from your Pace e-mail address to

Also at Birnbaum—the library is thrilled to present a zine exhibit, which will be on display throughout the month of April. Among the several independently curated zines include Amy Burek’s Awkward Ladies Club, Jeremy Jusay’s Notes from Underground & The Pessimist, and many more. Come take a glance at the great underground American literary tradition that is zine culture, and help take part in its recent resurgence. Again—it’s all happening, and it’s all happening at Birnbaum!