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Learn something from Lynda, know where to go during finals, compare your academic history to your major’s program requirements, and more with this update from ITS.

Degree Works: Academic History vs. Program Requirements
Have you logged in to Degree Works yet? When you first log in, check your major listed in the new system and the course requirements. Degree Works is a web-based degree reporting tool for advisers and students that was launched in March. For the first time, students can check their academic history versus program requirements by accessing Degree Works through MyPace Portal.

To see what programs and academic years are available in Degree Works, and for more information on the tool, visit the Degree Works website.

Finals Are Around the Corner
Don't forget you can use the MyPace Mobile app to locate the room, date and times of your finals!

Enter and Win!
Proud of your ePortfolio? There's still time to enter Academic Technologies' ePortfolio Spring Contest by Friday, April 24! Contest winners receive a Visa gift card and are honored at the ePortfolio ceremony. For more details, visit  

Right Side of the Copyright Law
Pace University adheres to copyright laws and other protections for intellectual property rights. For more details and best practices to protect yourself online, visit Pace's IT Security website.

Learn Something New provides access to high-quality video courses on topics that enhance your college curriculum and skill sets! Includes topics such as Excel, Adobe, web and mobile development, and many more. Learn more.

Taking a Dyson or Lubin Course?
Course evaluation is critical in providing constructive feedback to faculty and their departments on the quality of instruction delivered at Pace. Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and Lubin School of Business are urging all students taking any Dyson or Lubin course to participate. 

Course evaluations for spring 2015 will be available during the following timeframe: Sunday, April 26–Sunday, May 10. This semester grades will be delayed until Friday, May 22, for any students who have not completed all of their evaluations by the deadline.

Further details and instructions regarding the Course Evaluation process will be sent out to your Pace email address when the period opens in late April. 

Questions? For Dyson contact Rich Miller and for Lubin contact Tom Miliano.

Jump Ahead or Catch Up: Summer Sessions at Pace
Enroll during Summer I or Summer II and take advantage of online and in-person courses offered for current and visiting students who are looking to catch up or graduate faster. Registration is now open! Summer session begin May 26 (Summer I) and July 6 (Summer II).