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ITS wants you to get connected. Check out their September news, including e-mail upgrades, where your technology fee goes, wireless, and more!

ITS Website Facelift
ITS listened! They’ve made some big changes to their website, that includes a more user-friendly view. Check out the redesigned website. Lookin’ good, ITS.

System Maintenance Notices in a Click
Planned maintenance? Know before that last-minute Blackboard quiz. To view scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, outages, or issues, go to the IT System Status page at https://status.pace.eduSubscribe to the IT Notice Listserv to receive e-mail notifications for maintenance work and news/announcements.

Access Files from Anywhere
New look, same functionality. The Web File Storage system ( was updated in early August, featuring changes in design and navigation. Learn more.

E-mail Mailboxes Being Upgraded
It’s time to exchange Exchange. Beginning this fall semester, ITS will be upgrading all e-mail mailbox accounts to Exchange 2013 server (from 2010 server) in groups. Note: This does not affect your version of Outlook client.   

What do I need to do? When your mailbox is ready to be migrated, you will receive an e-mail with details and instructions. The migration process takes a few hours, depending on individual mailbox sizes, and will occur overnight. It will be important for you to check that everything has migrated over and report any issues to the ITS Help Desk online via or by phone at (914) 773-3333. Throughout this process, details will be posted at Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Migration.

Student Technology Fee Proposal Outcomes
Pace University assesses a Technology Fee to ensure students have access to the latest instructional technology resources available. All revenue generated from the technology fee goes directly towards funding instructional technology initiatives that are focused on enhancing the student learning experience. Learn more.

Below are the latest tools and services stemming from proposals:

Poll Everywhere
This tool allows you to poll students through their mobile devices about course content and get instant (and anonymous) results in PowerPoint or Keynote, on any webpage, and using any web browser. 

Kaltura video management platform gives access to a video library with over 300,000 web publishers. View YouTube videos, record videos, and upload video content to include in Blackboard courses.

Lab Archives
This electronic lab notebook software is designed to organize student notes, preserve data, and increase collaboration. You can give students constructive feedback at any time and download all work as a PDF document.

EndNote citation software will help strengthen individual scholarship and ensure Pace documentation methods are in alignment with current academic standards. It gives students an advantage in conducting comprehensive scholarship.

Students, faculty, or staff can perform surveys by whole classes and share among class members. It can also be used by faculty to support research and administrators for opinion surveys or to serve other administrative functions. provides access to high-quality video courses on topics that enhance your college curriculum and skills. Includes topics such as Excel, Adobe, web and mobile development, and more.  

Check out the Digital Toolkit for details and the ITS Service Catalog for a complete list of all IT services and technologies available at Pace.

Access Wireless
Step 1: Configure wireless devices (laptop, iPad, smartphone) to connect to PACE-OPEN. (This is a one-time process.)
Step 2: Follow instructions to automatically configure and register the device for PACE-WIRELESS. When complete, the device needs to be connected to PACE-WIRELESS.

To check if your device is registered, go to How do I check if my device is registered? Need wireless access for a visitor? Create wireless-only guest accounts and follow guest connection instructions. Learn more.

Computer Safety Tips
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

IT Security
Social engineering attacks are becoming more common as they rely heavily on human interaction that involves tricking people into breaking normal security procedures.

E-mail phishing attacks are common during our busiest times. It's important to:

  • be diligent and hover over links rather than clicking on them to ensure they are legitimate
  • verify that e-mails received are legitimate and are coming from a trusted source

Phone call phishing attacks are another method for attackers to obtain critical information such as IP address for printers to gain access to our network. ITS staff will not call and ask for this information without properly identifying ourselves. If you get a call asking for detailed computer information:

  • ask the user to identify themselves and provide a call back number
  • do not provide any information about your office infrastructure, configuration or IP address information for devices in your area

For more information on social engineering attacks and how to identify them, visit Social Engineering.

Account Management and Secret Questions
As you start this semester, don't forget to make sure you have your secret questions set up to better manage your account. Also, proper account management involves periodically changing your unique Pace password. Never share your password or personal information. ITS recommends that users change their passwords at least every 180 days.

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Security  
As of January 2016, Microsoft Office will no longer provide security updates for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE). For details on what browser versions is best for Pace applications, visit the Supported Software page. For more security best practices, go to IT Security.

Mobile Tech Meeting Dates
Join Academic Technologies on the below dates to learn about emerging mobile technologies to enhance how we at Pace communicate and share ideas:     

            Tuesday, October 13 | 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. | Miller 16/Civic E319
            Wednesday, November 18 | 12:10 p.m.–1:10 p.m. | Miller 21
            Tuesday, December 8 | 12:15 p.m.–1:15 p.m. | Miller 16/Civic E319

New Active Learning Classrooms in Miller 21 and 22
Designed to foster interactive, flexible, student-centered learning experiences, the new ALC rooms come equipped with multiple displays and flexible furniture with easy access to plug in (laptop or tablet) allowing students to collaborate and work in groups or work individually. Wrap around magnetic whiteboard and charging station on three walls makes any area in the classroom to be converted to a work space.

For more information on the above and other ITS news, visit