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ITS Connect: March 2019

News Story

ITS was busy over the winter upgrading some our most important infrastructure. Read all about it in this month’s ITS Connect.

Pace Alert System Upgrade

In a continued effort to ensure that the entire Pace Community receives important information in an emergency, Pace University Safety and Security, in conjunction with Information Technology Services (ITS), collaborated to upgrade the functionality of our emergency alert system, Pace Alert.

The upgrades to the Pace Alert system include:

  • >> A new, updated registration site
  • >> The ability to register for alerts for more than one campus
  • >> The ability to register for alerts for Valhalla and Midtown office locations
  • >> Automatic enrollment into the system upon hiring and/or course registration

These new features went into effect on Thursday, January 31, 2019, and members should have received test messages via text, email, and voice to confirm that they are registered for the Pace Alert system. Periodic tests of each communication method are necessary in order to ensure that all Pace emergency notification systems operate properly.

If you have not yet done so, please visit Pace Alert to confirm or update your emergency contact information, or to add additional contact methods, so that you can receive all emergency notifications successfully. In addition, you can also download the Pace Safe application for iPhone and Android devices in order to receive push notifications for all emergency alerts.

The safety of all our campuses remains our highest priority. As members of the Pace Community, we ask that you notify your campus' Office of Safety and Security of any situation or incident on campus that involves an emergency or dangerous situation or an immediate or ongoing threat to the health and safety of anyone on campus. Thank you for your continued cooperation in our efforts to ensure the safety of the Pace Community.

Web Help Desk Upgrade

New User Interface and Other Improvements

The Web Help Desk underwent a successful system upgrade on Saturday, January 12. The upgrade included updating the application and database to version 12.5.1, as well as modernizing the system interface, which now has an updated look and feel. We also streamlined the request categories for the Information Technology Services area of the ticketing system and removed a number of outdated sub-request types.

As a result of the upgrade, we hope Pace members have an improved user experience when navigating the system and submitting ticket requests. We will continue to work with the different areas in the Web Help Desk to make additional improvements as necessary.

If you would like to provide any feedback regarding your experience using the Web Help Desk, please email ITS. Comments or suggestions are much appreciated and will help us identify areas for improvement.

For more ITS news and updates, please visit their website