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ITS: Working Remotely

News Story

Thanks to the diligent work of our ITS team, our University Community is able to continue much of its impactful work during the remote learning period. Be sure to attend an ITS hosted webinar to best maximize some of our remote learning and working tools.

Working Remotely at Pace

In order to help safeguard the health and well being of the Pace Community during the COVID-19 pandemic, ITS worked with the University's leadership to create a website to guide faculty, staff, and students through the process of continuing to teach, work, and learn remotely.  

Each of the web pages contain instructions for accessing the main Pace systems and applications necessary for academic and business continuity.  In addition, they include additional tips and resources to help enhance your experience as you complete teaching and work tasks, as well as course assignments remotely.

ITS also hosts helpful webinars on the use of teaching and collaboration tools, such as Zoom.  In these sessions, you can learn how to use the tools to support students, conduct meetings, and also connect with others in the Pace Community.  

If you have not done so already, please refer to ITS' step-by-step remote learning guides to ensure continuity for your academic instruction or University department. If you have additional questions, you can always request a Help Desk Ticket.

Important Zoom Update

New Password Requirement for New/Future Meetings

Due to the high volume of Zoom meetings taking place, ITS has implemented a new setting which will require a password for all newly-scheduled meetings. This will be the default for all scheduled meetings going forward. Password protection enables an added layer of security for your Zoom meetings. It ensures that only those participants who have the password can join your meeting and prevents uninvited guests from being able to join. Each Zoom meeting link will now have the meeting password embedded in the link, so attendees will have automatic access if they join via the link. If joining by phone or other method, attendees will need to enter the meeting’s individual password to gain access. We strongly recommend that meeting hosts and attendees refrain from sharing the meeting link or password on any public sites or forums.

Training and Support Resources

In order to properly support the increased Zoom usage, our staff have been working hard to create and deliver training resources to the Pace Community. Below are links to some of these resources:

If you have any questions, please call ITS Help Desk at (914) 773-3333 or email the ITS Help Desk.

For additional and the most-up-to-date information from ITS, view the ITS webpage